2001 Audi S3 - RNS-D Satnav incorrect position

Alex C

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Ok i have an S3 with the satnav as above in the title. I work in Falmouth in Cornwall and yesterday turned the satnav on and changed the display to show my position on the map. It showed me as being somewhere in Penzance and today whilst in Falmouth it showed me as being over in St Ives!

I don't really know when the fault started but i only noticed it yesterday as i hardly use the satnav....

What might be causing this error??


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Most probably the roof mount GPS antenna, easiest thing is to replace it with a GPS puck mounted just behind the cluster, should cost no more than £20. Make sure you buy a puck with an SMB and not a FAKRA connector.

Remove the nav unit (make sure you have the radio code) and feed the cable from the GPS antenna from behind the dash to the nav unit, unplug the old GPS receiver and connect the new one.


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Hi Alex, I had a similar problem last year. I was able to solve it by removing the unit from the centre console and securing a loose connection. Do you have a recent CD for your rns-d? I've been looking everywhere but can't find one available for download!