Sold 2001 A4 B6 2.5tdi Quattro Sport


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I have for sale a 6 speed manual 2001 A4 B6 2.5tdi quattro sport saloon in silver. Car has done 124,000 miles and passed it's MOT today so a full 12 months mot. I bought the car 3 years or so ago as a stop gap for a few months but ended up keeping it longer and keeping it going for the Mrs (I have another car). Timing belt and thermostat were replaced by a VAG specialist a couple of years ago plus quite a few other bits like abs sensor. In the time I have had it I've replaced the front lower arms, drop links, arb bushes, radiator and condenser a couple of months ago, callipers/discs/pads (2 years ago), new battery earlier this year and sorted the surface rust in the battery area, plus other bits that I've forgot. The front upper arms will maybe need replacing in the next 12 months but I have a new set of Lemforder arms and track rod ends which will go with the car. I've also fixed the usual rocker cover oil leak and replaced the injector grommets on the LH bank. Wings are good, there are bits of rust around it and a scrape on the ns rear which just 'appeared' recently (it's nothing drastic though) and is in generally solid decent condition. Sat Nav works (I replaced the receiver thing in the back when I got it), cd etc works. I've done around 5 or 6 oil and filter changes plus air cleaner a few times (they seem to get dirty and clogged quickly) and cabin filter maybe twice.
Things that don't work are Aircon and hasn't since I bought it (system is empty), I did intend to have it regassed and then take it from there. The boot doesn't open with the fob, you have to use the key to open it.
It's not perfect but it goes really well, it's served us well and it's a solid enough car with 12 months mot. If you look at the mot history from last year there is a list of advisories which I worked through a couple of weeks ago and rectified as best I could. A few days with a scraper under the car, wire brushing, treating and painting mostly. I found a few areas behind the rear arch covers where there was a lot of surface rust and was sorted, I caught it in time before anything serious, also the same with anything else I could find. Not sure why the front upper arms were not mentioned this time, maybe the last tester was picky.
I think that covers it all and I'm selling it because I've bought a Lexus IS200 for the Mrs to go along with a Lexus LS400 I bought last year for myself. I'm really not sure what price to ask but I've decided on a price and I'm open to offers or advice. PM me for any more information or contact details.

Price: £1000 ono

Link to pics and it's not been washed for a while.........!AmVc9wygjLH0iQDAyrQD5u5sfN-Z?e=eOHkXj