2001 A3 1.9TDI - Replacing concert with Kenwood - won't turn on please help!


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Hi Everyone

I have been searching for ages but can't find the answer..

I have bought a Kenwood KDC-W7044U and an Autoleads PCB404 connector.

I connected everything up and the headunit made a wirring noise as if it was trying to play a cd but nothing turned on.

I have connected the RCA's that came with the lead into the Kenwood and hear a popping sound but still the CD player won't power up.

There are 5 wires from the Kenwood, blue/ white, orange, red, black and yellow.

The red is connected to the red/ white on the a3 wiring and black to the brown on the audi but not sure where the others connect to.

Could someone please help??




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You don't have a switched live on the 2000+ A3's so your HU will not power up. You either need to wire one in from the fusebox (Radio s-kont) or just pair the red & yellow wires from the Kenwood and connect them both to the perm live (red on Audi plug). You'll then need to turn the HU on/off manually.

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i had to join both the yellow and red wires together then join them to the audi loom