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2 year / 20,000 service

DaveW Mar 20, 2014

  1. DaveW

    DaveW Active Member

    Anyone had one of these for a 2.0 tdi S-Line manual? I've been quoted £359 by Preston Audi, whi h seems a bit steep.
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  3. BahnStormer77

    BahnStormer77 BahnStormer

    Remember that the normal Audi "service" price doesn't include filters, oil change or anything that you might have included as the base "x mileage service" with independents.

    I still go to Audi, but better to go in with your eyes open: it was a pretty unpleasant surprise that they even charged me a couple of quid for the washer fluid that I had topped up in the car park before handing in my keys... apparently they check the windscreen washer alignment as part of the inspection + service, THEN check the fluid levels afterwards, so had to refill what they'd used...

    Still not as bad as when I took my BMW bike in to have some new heated grips fitted, only to be told that as part of the standard inspection, they had noticed my oil was over-filled, so they had drained and re-filled it at a charge of "£X".... at which stage I thanked them for correcting the mistake they must have made 2 weeks earlier when the bike had been serviced by them (incl oil replacement) and produced the receipt that was stapled to the previous service notes, cheeky b@st@rds even started trying to tell me that I must have topped it up at which stage I pointed out that I wouldn't have the first clue where to start with that particular bike and it didn't strike me as the sort of "vandalism" that I'd expect in either of the locked garages at each end of my commute. Grrr....
  4. offset

    offset New Member

    I have just had my service £313.92p ...........this was oil change ,oil filter.fuel filter.3 ltr s-tronic quattro not a happy chap .Newcastle Audi
  5. elan2s

    elan2s Active Member

    My 2.0TDi SE is going in in a couple of weeks for Oil and Inspection service. Had two quotes one was £413 and the other £326 from dealers only 10 miles apart. The younger members of the family have a 1.2 Polo and the service I have just had done on that was over £400 with nothing extra required apart from a Brake Fluid change. Makes the £99 deal for 3 years servicing on my wife's golf look a positive bargain! Now why one dealer should be charging nearly £100 more than the other is a different discussion and in mind undependable but I can vote with my feet. The reality is that car servicing from franchised dealer is expensive, however £326 after 2 years on a car costing £30k does not seem too bad and if I change the car next year (after 3 years) that will be the only service cost (+ 2 front tyres) incurred as was the case with my previous C6,a leo if I keep it longer then the next service will be eligible for the Fixed Price Service offer. It only looks expensive when compared with the pre-paid service plans that BMW (in particular) offer. Audi seem to be expanding their offerings here so hopefully it will reach the A6 by the time it comes to replacing the car. I also recall a few years ago reading that Audi were going to standardise on service pricing across the dealer network but that does not seem to have happened.

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