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2 policies, 1 claim

Bayzoo Apr 12, 2018

  1. Bayzoo

    Bayzoo Glovebox Demon TeamMisano Audi S3


    I have 2 policies and my wife, a named driver on my Honda policy, had an accident last month and claimed losing the NCB on that policy.

    If I now get quotes on my Audi S3 (which my wife has and won’t be named) do I have to declare that claim for my Audi and my Honda when it comes to renewal? It just seems I’m being unfairly penalised twice.

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  3. Tj 0785

    Tj 0785 Well-Known Member Silver Supporter VCDS Map User Bronze Supporter Audi S3

    Only the person who had the accident has to mention it so if she goes on the Honda policy you will have to mention she had an accident but if she has her own policy take her off the Honda one as she will be covered to use another car (zu our Honda) on her policy with 3rd party cover if that makes sense

    And why are you stuck in a Honda and the media has a s3 that’s not right ha
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