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2 Final Issues - Journey of Learning!!!

Paul Seed Jul 1, 2018

  1. Paul Seed

    Paul Seed New Member

    Well, firstly, thanks to all that have helped get my Audi A4 back on the road.. There are two final issues that are really intermittent!

    Firstly, things that have been done -

    1. Replaced MAF and several pipes on the air system - Some of which were missing to start with!
    2. Replaced Coolant Sensor and Oil Level Sensor (thanks to a bit of diagnostic help!)
    3. Full Oil and Filter Change, Fuel Filter, All air filters
    4. Cataclean (Cat not performing intermittent error), and an injector clean in the tank

    Final issues are as follows :

    1. If you Rev the engine, and then go into neutral, the engine speed ducks below 900 rpm, and cant recover so stalls.. Also happens if the car is fully loaded and you are changing gear (until you get used to giving it a bit more gas!). This may just be a driving style thing, and it certainly doesn't happen a lot, but wondered if anyone had similar experiences or fixes - Nothing shows up on a scan (No System Lean or Rich etc...) Engine continues after a restart with no issues...

    2. I've noticed in very hot weather (for the UK weather!), and a traffic jam, when you start back off from stop, the engine warning light starts to flash, the engine stutters and there is no power.. Once you get moving, the issue stops and resolves itself until the next time you are stopped (maybe 5 min in jam type stop).. Seems to be that moving forward cools the engine back down... Fans are all working, and normally there is nothing in the log as far as misfires are concerned, but scanning today showed a "Short to Ground" on injector 10 and a system Lean code.. Again, car drives absolutely fine the rest of the time, unless above 27 degrees on the temperature gauges and sat in traffic.

    Any thoughts?

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