2 drivers with NCD and one car


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I understand that if you do not insure a car for 2 years then you lose your NCD. Both me and my wife have 8 yrs plus NCD and currently have 2 cars - but we are just not using them enough to justify them.

So we want to drop to one car (as we are named drivers on our kids 2 cars - so plenty to choose from) but somehow keep both our NCD.

I believe that we could insure the car main driver as each other on alternate years - but insurance companies are not happy insuring a main driver where they are not the named driver.

Are there any other options? Or is the above option legal and above board?

The other option is to buy an old banger every 2 years and insure it to sit there and do nothing - but don't really want to do this as this will potentially upset the neighbours


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Insurers don't care if the policy holder is the main driver or not, as long as you declare who is. Most online quoting engines have the facility to declare the main driver of the vehicle separately from the policyholder so your original plan of alternating the policyholder each year is the best solution.


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Generally if there are husband and wife insuring just one car between them they should swap every couple of years to ensure their bonus is retained but in reality some never go back to having two cars again, so it's moot. At Chris Knott we'd give an introductory bonus discount if you came to us having been a named driver on a spouse's policy and lost your own bonus, as if you'd earned the actual bonus, but you would only have one year's bonus to take with you if you moved away again at the next renewal.