2.7 and 3.0 differences?


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Hi all,

Im looking to purchase an A6 avant and looking at a Le Mans version, what are the main differences apart from the obvious between the two? is the 2.7 definitely more under powered? I'm looking at Quattro in both of course.

Can the 2.7 be mapped to the equiv 3.0 power etc?

Any help appreciated! :)



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Looking at the basic facts, depending on the age of the car you go for, the 2.7 is down roughly 50bhp and 70lb/ft on the 3.0 model.

Both engines are pretty much the same (V6 layout, chain drive etc.) so to speak.

The 3.0 car is 80kgs or so heavier than the 2.7 from what I have seen.

The 2.7 can be remapped pretty easily to the same kind of power as the stock 3.0 car, but then again the 3.0 can be remapped to much higher figures.

MPG and CO2 emissons on the 2.7 are quite a bit better than the 3.0 too.

Spec-wise both cars are pretty much identical.

You can get manual and auto boxes on the 2.7 but the 3.0 only comes as an auto.

Hope this helps.



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The 3.0 does come in manual as I test drove a 3.0 Sline Quattro last week, 08 plate.


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Thanks guys for the info - building knowledge for next year when I purchase! the values are holding up well on 59 and 10 plates... most above £15k :(


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Quick question - Le Mans 3.0 say a 2009 240PS version...

what packs are extra and are included and what was available?

I've heard of a Black Pack is it? a Lighting Pack? Driver Assist Pack?

What are these all and what packs were available for this car?


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I have both the 2.7 and 3.0 in an Allroad. Both of these had auto boxes. In the Allroad the 2.7 only came with an Auto box but in the 3.0 offerred the Auto box as an option I think it was £1500. If looking around then look at the road tax figures. The 2.7 was an 06 plate and it cost £460 per year. When I changed it to an 09 plate 3.0 the road tax was £250. The 3.0 is a bit quicker but more importantly it is better on fuel. When looking at the 3.0 there is a change over point when Audi brought in a more fuel efficient engine and 2009 is about that point so it is worth checking.
As for specs my Audi sales team had back issues of the specs on pdf. It might be worth contacting your dealer as they might be able to email you copies.
Also another tip that helped me was to search the MOT Database. To do this you need the number from a past or current MOT and the vehicle reg number. The search will the flag up all the MOT History including mileages. Its a free service but well worth a look. I used it to highlight a clocked car.