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2.7 Allroad (manual)

F2FTech Apr 12, 2004

  1. F2FTech

    F2FTech New Member

    I have a 1.8t Quattro A6 (very happy with) but need more power/space (yes, already chipped the A6!).

    Thinking of upgrading to an A6 Allroad 2.7t. Can someone give me some info:

    1/ What is the stock power
    2/ What can it be upgraded too
    3/ What years was it available (ie when first/last made)
    4/ What standard spec
    5/ What to look out for

    Alternatively the same questions for the S6 Avant(although may be out of my price range)

    Looking to spend about £20-25k for something no older than 2 years old.

    many thanks for any help
  2. a6fsi

    a6fsi New Member

    Do you want to keep your 1.8t ? or are you going to sell it ?
  3. F2FTech

    F2FTech New Member

    As I can only drive 1 car at a time then yes. Its a 2001 1.8T Quattro with 26k miles if anyone is interested (and a newly fitted AMD upgrade - 211bhp 229torque now).

    However I would prefer to find the A6 that I want first - so I'm in no hurry to sell.

    I have seen a 2001 S6 Avant (60k miles for £25k and a 2002 2.7t Allroad for £20k (40k miles) - given that the 2.7 can be upgraded to the same performance as the S6 (or am I missing something?) then what choice would people make.
  4. Dazza

    Dazza Member

    1. Stock power is 250bhp with 258 lb/ft torque.
    2. It can be upgrade to loads of power - depends on your budget. I believe that Kim Collins has one with the equivalent of an RS4 engine.
    3. I believe that production started in 2000 and they are still in production.
    4. Check the Audi website for standard spec.
    5. If you can find on with Recaro seats go for it. The standard seats aren't very sporty.

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