2.5tdi Fuel Line - slight leak


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Jan 14, 2008
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I've got a slight leak in the fuel line just forward / below the tank and I need some help in identifying the part ( I can't see it on vagcat) as I can't get to Audi until the weekend but would like to order the part now if I can.

I'll try and describe what I have - essentially this is just under the rear seat . There are two rubber lines that leave the tank area and then one of the rubber lines connects to a short length (6 inches) of metal pipe (this is the pipe that has corroded and is leaking) with a union nut on the end that connects this short length of metal pipe onto a small metal junction that then splits off to two further pipes.

The metal pipe and rubber pipe next to it have a rubber clamp to hold both against the chasis and the metal pipe has a tiny perforation rust hole under this rubber clamp. I guess the rubber clamp has done a good job of holding moisture in against the fuel line.

So - a repair should be simple enough - but I need to figure out the pipe part number. Also - will I need to do anything regarding bleeding the system ?

Failing this - any good products to seal the hole ? - it's tiny as the amount of diesel leaking (into a jam jar sat under car right now) is probably no more than 10 ml over 12 hours.

Thanks again
Try self amalgamating tape as a temporary, it will stop it no problem and you can get it from B&Q
Self amalgamting tape has worked well and stopped the leak - so thanks for the advice ...just need to now locate the part number so I can order a replacement pipe for a permanent fix.

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