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2.5 TFSI on big turbo and low boost suggestions?

Matheria Jul 13, 2018

  1. Matheria

    Matheria New Member

    Hi everyone.
    Just want to check your opinions about low boost (in terms of turbo max. output) on middle/bigger turbo (PT 5558 Gen2 pr PT5862 Gen2) compare to stock BW K16 Turbo in terms of fighting high EGT and overall temps (on any hybrid like TTE500 or Loba or even stock turbo if we get high boost to achieve desired power) But otherwise with the same boost on bigger turbo i can get more power with lower temps and keep engine stock (not forged it) and even not add any WMI (that is usually added on any 2.5 TFSI Stage 3 projects as must to keep low temps on high boost) It would be colder at the same airflow and EGT would be much lower on big turbo with the same boost and with more power
    What you think about that. Could it work?
    For info I am running now a Stage 2 with 1.7-1.8 boost on stock turbo with no cats, cold intake and inter-cooler with upgraded APR HPFP with software tuned for all that. Everything is smooth. But i always thinking about turbo upgrade. And i know that on any project with K24 Hybrids or any big turbos is a need to forged the engine (with pistons and rods) and using WMI at least.
    Thanks and welcome) IMG_2214.jpg

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