2.5 TDI pushes 232g CO2 correct or DVLA problem


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I have a 2001 2.5 TDI quattro it a late B5 July 2001 (I thought it was a B6 as it has perspex lights etc but not so!), with all the empasis on CO2 nowaday I'm surpised to see the DVLA log book showing 232g ie above the 225g top end. As the B6 180 & 150 models seem to stay under 225 is that because they are common rail and mine is old style diesel. I looked at injectors and there's no electrical connection on them (sign of common rail ?).

So is 232g correct ? and is mine not common rail ? (even though it has a red 'I' badge on the boot).

Any thoughts much appreciated


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The auto/tiptronic cars are always worse than the manuals for cinsumption. The latest A4 with the 2.0 turbo engine is pushed in to the top tax band (£300 a year!) if it has the tiptronic box but stays in the band below with the manual.



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but it depends on when your car was first registered if you car was registered before march 1st 2001 the there is fixed price for cars with engines upto 1549cc and another for those over 1549cc.

if your car is registered after march 1st 2001 then the tax is based on on their co2 emmissions and type of fuel they use

for example my 2.8 quattro sport which has the triptronic bos in it has a co2 of 264 but my annual road tax is £180 due to being registered december 1999


but yours is july 2001 abd i think you will have to pay full amount as they only show upto april 2001