2.5 tdi avant - glove box - climate - stereo - cup holder


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hi thought would ask a few questions as per title in one go . Hopefully get the right advice and annswers :)

firstly glove box ( black )
we knew this didn't open as handle broke when we bought it. Are these interchangeable between different models ? Full glove box as apparently the hinges may be broke also

cup holder and stereo
if I remove stereo to replace cup holder ( have a spare but the parts have exploded lol )
will I need a stereo code or is it coded to the car ?

climate control.

the temp butons are a little work. Ok very warn and smudged colour on the red and blue. Can these be upgraded for digital ones or only ones in better condition ?

also any advice on any thing related to this car is much appreciated




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As far as I'm aware the glove box is the same throughout the B6/b7 range apart from the cabriolet which is possibly different.

Cup holder should come out without removing the radio, open it and I think there is a clip at the top or bottom, just need something thin to slide under it.

Don't know what you mean about digital buttons but as far as I know you need to just replace them with better condition ones. I think 2004 onwards cars had revised coatings that didn't flake. My 2004 doesn't have any flaking or worn buttons but a friends 2003 every button in the car has worn


in gear but clutch slipping
My buttons on climate control are totally worn out. 03 plate. Looks pish


in gear but clutch slipping
For radio. If you take it out, as long as you don't unplug it you're fine. If you do you'll likely need to recode it, so don't unplug the lead


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thanks for the reply's . I'll try find out how the cupholder comes out. Sure I read somewhere was two screws on the case ?

seen digital climate in a 2005/2006 Passat when was looking in scrappy with stepson for a new centre console for his Passat
looks like abetter set than ones I have are in order :)