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2.0tfsi re map thoughts?

Alex Holmes Jan 19, 2019

  1. Alex Holmes

    Alex Holmes Registered User

    Good evening all, i can't remember if ive already posted a thread on this before and i can't figure out this forum to find out, so apologies if im repeating myself.

    So, im unsure wether to splash out and get my 2.0tfsi fwd 220hp remapped. Ive read elsewhere people are are getting upwards of 265hp 340nm torque, some even rekon 270hp odd from a stage 1 on a standard car.

    However im a little sceptical as ive had quoted figures of around 245hp and "torque of a big deisel", (which is all the ko3 turbo can take apparently) and that doesnt seem much for £450-500.

    Ive also read that re mapping the 2.0tfsi lumps, improves how to car responds making it feel more alive.

    To summarise then, im a little confused and am unsure wether or not to have it done. Has anyone else had any experience with stage 1 maps, output figures and overall drivimg experience post map?

    Cheers fellas
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  3. j_mcvic

    j_mcvic Registered User

    I’m in for the comments as I’m also wondering the same thing. My cars needing a new exhaust so was thinking about doing a decat, centre silencer and back box in slightly bigger pipework and then getting mapped so would be interested to see what people say about their results after mapping.
  4. I'm Just Rob.

    I'm Just Rob. Moderating or something, Staff Member Moderator Gold Supporter VCDS Map User

    Evening Chap, as a fellow BUL owner I did look at a fair few option based on the tune level.
    A lot does depend on what sort of remap you get done as there are fair few companies offering custom ones.

    The standard factory BUL map is pretty good really as its a good compromise for everyday usage .
    My old bus goes very well and it's on 270 , the increase can be felt , moreso midrange which has really increased , low end torque is better …..
    but I wanted more midrange really as more top end is just a waste as you'd need to be trashing it to get the benefits where I like a good midrange punch these days and I find its suits the engine very well.

    All I have done is fit a large bore down pipe, an 034 HFC , K&N panel filter with silicone intake pipe, r8 coil packs with a remap to suit.

    It works for me chap but everyone has there own idea on what a performance increase is.....yes 350 and beyond would be nice but for just normal usage and some extra welly when needed 270 map I have is ideal and it doesn't drink petrol too much , well still drinks it but I can live with it.

    sorry cant be much more help chap, maybe if you were local i'd say take my old bus for a blast and see but your a bit too far away really.
  5. I'm Just Rob.

    I'm Just Rob. Moderating or something, Staff Member Moderator Gold Supporter VCDS Map User

    The other thing to keep in mind is that the quattro does a good job a making a fast car feel a tad slower even thought its not, none of the mad wheel spinning and tyre burning going on..lol , its just get's up and goes , how mad you want the experience is personal choice....
  6. maxdrz400

    maxdrz400 Registered User

    I had a cheap generic map put on mine, so didn't spend fortunes and didn't personally see the point in a "custom" map on something with such a mild state of tune.
    I'm running a full 2.5 inch system from the cat back and also a dv+, nothing too special.
    To be honest "fast" is down to each individual, but mines a lot quicker than it was, so much so I occasionally see the traction control light flicker (quattro) when I'm giving it a hard time.
    It's got a nice kick when the boost comes on hard in 2nd, 3rd and 4th.
    I know everyone says it but it's how the car should have always been, it just stops it feeling so lazy.
    If I bought another one I would get it remapped again for sure, if that helps you make up your mind.
  7. Sygh2k

    Sygh2k Active Member Gold Supporter

    i have a 2wd avant, had a bluefin remap a couple years ago, best mod i made altho once you get used to it left me wanting more. now on revo2+ on standard clutch, it copes being 2wd, quattro it wouldnt. what i would say is make sure you have everything in order engine wise mechanicaly, dv, pcv, turbo actuator all checked. any map update will only highlight issues.
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  8. Alex Holmes

    Alex Holmes Registered User

    Thanks chaps for the input, im looking for a more midrange kind of jobby, these cars arent "fast" but nippy in my opinion for big heavy busses. Its also a workhorse on the regular dragging my toys behind it do i dont want excessive spinning up when nipping out of roundabout etc. I just feel it could benifit from a little more punch.

    Rob is yours a stage 1 map? And which brand?
  9. Rob Avant

    Rob Avant Registered User

    One of the first things I did was take my wagon to Revo for stage 1 and a Milltek exhaust. If I’m honest I didn’t really see that much of a performance gain from stock. The car felt like it was slightly more responsive but it wasn’t a vast improvement. Running stage 2+ now with a whole load more mods and they’ve made a big difference. I do remember driving back from the tuners after having my stage 1 map feeling slightly disappointed.

    I think if I were to start from scratch I’d probably go to someone like Unicorn or R tech for some custom software. This might still be on the cards if I pull my finger out and go down the big turbo route!
  10. AudiB720TS

    AudiB720TS Guest

    I don't think you can get enough fuel from the stock HPFP (High Pressure Fuel Pump) to support 270 (C)HP.
    Hence most/all tuners will list an upgraded HPFP as a REQUIREMENT for "stage 2".

    My car is dynoed at Stage 2 and produces around 270+ engine horsepower (228.5 all wheel horsepower).
    The 220 hp factory tune is fine (I also had it), but stage 2 with supporting mods is really good. But between upgrading the HPFP and the also required High Flow Cat (or 'decat'), it is still some money to put in. It's not gonna be worth it for everybody.

    Between the 220 hp factory tune and a stage 1 tune (without HPFP) I would not bother.
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