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2.0TFSi low RPM @ idle

--AUDI-- Feb 17, 2019

  1. --AUDI--

    --AUDI-- Registered User

    Evening all,

    Looking for some advice, i have an issue with my 2009 TFSi 211

    Recently it seems to have developed a rough/lumpy idle and seems to be idling at around 750RPM, am sure it used to idle at around the 800 mark.

    If moving off in first gear with very little throttle input the car shakes violently, or if in second gear in slow moving traffic this sometimes happens, enough to bring on the EPC light for a second, also if you plant the throttle at low RPM the car seems sluggish at first and then suddenly springs to life.

    Have checked miss fire count and its across all cylinders, only codes i could see to start with were :

    Bank 1 system too rich at idle

    This seems to have gone and not reappeared and now i get the occasional code :

    camshaft position sensor (implausible)

    I have changed the spark plugs, swapped around coil packs, checked the hpfp, replaced the diverter valve etc and the pcv valve was replaced last year before this started as the old one failed

    If i have the heater/fan on in the car the idle picks up to nearer 800 rpm and the idle feels smoother, and apart from the above mentioned the car drives fine

    Just wondering if anyone has experienced this problem before or what to check next?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated
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  3. mrtlt

    mrtlt Registered User

    Have you by any chance got a plug in tuning box (map)? I had these symptoms once and it was due to one of the plugs being upside down!
    The only other thing I can think of is the cam follower HPFP may need checking.

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  4. --AUDI--

    --AUDI-- Registered User

    No map on the car or tuning box, already checked the HPFP and the follower, all was good!
  5. Riccird1

    Riccird1 Registered User

    Should get phase adapation for the intake cam diagnosed! If it's like 7-8 degrees or more, then it might be your timing chain that needs replacing. Could be that it can't adapt anymore and the engine is slightly out of timing.
  6. --AUDI--

    --AUDI-- Registered User

    Cheers for the reply, I looked into this and will post the results as I think I have a screenshot of the values, the adaption value was -1.54 at idle

    Chain was replaced by Audi when the recall work was done for the oil consumption issues, mind you that was back when the car was at around 85k and it is now at 147k

    Next thing I was going to check is the cam bridge oil screen
  7. --AUDI--

    --AUDI-- Registered User

    Cam phase adaption

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  8. NyB8

    NyB8 Registered User

    It could be the PCV, I have a 2.0 TDI and i'm having a similar issue, after doing some research i've narrowed it down to fuel pressue relief sensor or a fuel pressue regulating valve. Hope this helps.

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