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2.0tfsi fwd full lock judder

Alex Holmes Nov 20, 2018

  1. Alex Holmes

    Alex Holmes Active Member

    As the title suggests, ive noticed an unpleasant judder when turning on full lock either left of right turn. Im assuming this is either a fault caused by the front multi link suspension getting a bit loose in its old age (also 102,000 on the clock), or tyre wear causing it which ive also seen before, working in the trade. I get a knock when you enter a roundabout in a spirited way. Im opting for worn suspension considering it knocking when i load up the n/s/f. Has anyone else experienced this?

    Also whilst on the subject of full lock, there is occasionally a whine from the steering rack, i dont think its much to worry about but its nice to know about these things, and hopefully the rack isnt on its way out!

    Cheers Alex
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  3. Just Rob.

    Just Rob. Moderator Staff Member Moderator Regional Rep Team Brilliant Black Team Daytona TFSI Owners Group VCDS Map User Audi A4 Audi Avant Owner Group quattro S-line owners group Manual

    Evening Alex , on the second point I had the same issue with my old bus in the first year of ownership and that was around the 35k miles , it is was really irrating aswell, I had a moan at audi as it was under the approved used warranty at that time.
    They said the rack was most likely at fault and needed replacing , seemed a bit extreme to be honest at such low milage, anyway they came out and took the old bus back to west London audi .
    next day had a call from themsaying the whole rack needed replacing , I wasn't amused frankly but they said it was covered under warranty so did it all , but did say they were common failure item at any milage , moreso on quattro's than 2wd variants.

    maybe yours is just a bit tired Alex but maybe worth watching it, have you changed the fluid by any chance.
  4. Alex Holmes

    Alex Holmes Active Member

    I haven't attempted any kind of fix/maintenance to the rack yet Rob, i thought id tread the water first. Maybe its a little low or just needs replacing as the cars 12 years old. Fluid change could be first job?
  5. Sygh2k

    Sygh2k Active Member Gold Supporter

    my guess check top control arm mounts for cracks in the bushes at the spring end, just changed mine, pig of a job removing long bolt at balljoint end otha than that bolt quite easy.

    also check cv joint boots
  6. Alex Holmes

    Alex Holmes Active Member

    I want to do a Geo on it anyway, so while its on the ramp ill have a poke about and see what i find, cheers for the input chaps!
  7. Beardymat

    Beardymat Active Member TFSI Owners Group Team V8 Team Sprint Audi S4 Audi A4 Audi Avant Owner Group quattro

    With regards to the tyres Al I swing my car off my drive in front of the house and up the road so 180 degrees on full lock. on every car with worn tyres I've had the tyre scrub but not when new tyres are fitted including the s4 until I fitted its new boots which cured it. I cant get my head round why it happens but there it is.
    Is the whine from the rack or could it be a squeal from the belt when the pumps fully loaded?
  8. Alex Holmes

    Alex Holmes Active Member

    I thought the judder might be caused by tyre wear to be honest Matt, i notice it more when parking and slow manouvering as opposed to turning at 10mph for example. Also just a thought, does the b7 A4 have an unusually good turning circle compared to other similar size cars? The reason i say this is because the new Alfa Guilia Qv's have a class leading turn circle and it causes the back end to skip when om full lock?( Appologies for mentioning and italian car on an Audi forum!) Maybe its a similar situation?

    With regards to the squeal, i havent looked much into it, hence why im testing the water on here. Its happens only occasionally too.
  9. Jwrat32

    Jwrat32 New Member

    Mine does this but it awd,and my tyres are getting low on tread so I thought this might be a cause

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