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2.0TDI Glow plugs

vanduara37 May 23, 2009

  1. vanduara37

    vanduara37 New Member

    Ran autoscan on vagcom and showed 4 glow plugs faulty which seemed strange for all 4 to be faulty.What is the best way to check them? What i have done is remove all 4 glow plugs and tested them by connecting 12v power direct to them (12v+ to tip of plug and 12v- to body of plug)should this cause the glow plug to glow orange ? cos none of them did or is this the wrong way to check them?

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  3. moschino

    moschino Member

    Connecting them to a 12Volt supply is a good way of testing. They should glow orange after about 1 second.
    The technical way will be to check the resistance across them with a ohm meter. Should read less than 1 ohm.
    Strange that all 4 have gone though?
  4. vanduara37

    vanduara37 New Member

    (Strange that all 4 have gone though?)

    Thats whats concerning me too,have changed all four so will check again in a few days and see whats happening.The only thing i can think is my wife is mobile hairdresser so the car is stopped and started a lot daily(don,t know if this would affect glowplugs or not)?
  5. Buntzdj

    Buntzdj New Member

    By any chance does your car go into limp mode after 3-4000 revs as mine does and i have all four showing on diagnoses, plus an over boost problem and the garage i brought it from reckon im going into limp mode because of the glow plugs and not the over boost

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