2.0TDI - BLB - GT1749VA - Turbo options ?


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HI All,

I was wondering if anyone has looked into replacing the 2.0TDI BLB turbo with a OEM replacement rather than going down the hybrid route? – possibly the same on other cars such as the Skoda’s passats maybe?

While this is by no means a performance car, I wouldn’t mind a bit more power and want to look at my options should the turbo pop after going down the map route. This is the 2.0tdi 140 with the dreaded BLB code. My other car is a mapped Leon PD150 but a mapped BLB just seem day and night and the leons gone, albeit in a cloud of smoke.

The A4 2.0TDI B7 appears to come with the GT1749VA turbo which after doing the front mount I realised is tiny and with the airbox and gubbins gone it looks like there’s enough room to play!

So my question really is, ignoring the fact a custom map will need to be written, is anyone aware or have experience in replacing the GT1749VA turbo on the BLB engine with other turbos. . All I’ve seen online is people going hybrid or being told to sort issues before swapping the turbo. When I got this car we de gunked the engine, intake was FULL of carbon so I believe everything is running spot.

All I have seen online is people going down the hybrid route or being told to sort out their car before thinking of turbo swaps and no real info. A bolt on swap would be ideal but I understand that may not be the case, and if I remember rightly I think the 170 turbos might be electronic rather than vacuum?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.