2.0tdi 170 Exhaust tips - downturned to straight?


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Nov 10, 2011
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I'm interested in replacing the down turned exhaust pipes (currently single exit on each side of the car) to straight exhaust exits to make the rear look more like the 2.0T petrol rear.
I've done a few searches and can't see if anybody has done this before. Does any body have any experience in this or know of anywhere I can get info?

The chrome downturned tips I have on the car look they could easily be removed but I believe the straight exits would rub on the valance?

Any help is greatly appreciated. I'd prefer to change just the tips if possible as opposed to the whole exhaust system.
Hi Khanage i did this on my 170 when i had it , got two tail ends from powerflow , they had quite an extensive list of styles and sizes . they simply cut off the old ones and welded on the new ones . I wanted to keep it looking oem and was reasonably happy with the outcome just make sure you are totally happy with the position before the get welded up. mine could have been recessed another cm but ultimately not a big deal .
Cheers Ivor. How much did you pay and how long ago was it?
I want an OEM look to it all too, not into the massive chavvy pipes lol
I did it just after i got the car late 2007,the guy charged £100.The tail pipes had powerflow embossed on them but they were turned upside down to hide this .The finish of the item was good quality and kept sharp looking while i had the car .