2.0TDI 140 vs 2.0TDI CR 140 (MPG)


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Hi all.

Just read the thread recently from Sem who recently picked up his new 2.0TDI CR 140 and said he was getting a 58mpg readout!

I mean I know it's a newer engine but how on earth is it able to squeeze out so much more economy out of it! It's almost as good as, if not better than the legendary 1.9 PD's. :uhm:


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not sure how they have done it but dads cr140 is doing similar figures. but then his old pd140 golf did 50+ too


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I'm not sure how they have done it either but i'm really impressed.

Almost hit 60MPG on Friday night coming home from work but then I hit traffic so it dropped slightly.

My car only has 250 miles on the clock at the moment so i'm expecting it to improve further once its 'run in'.

Filled the tank on Friday so we'll see how many miles I can get out of it.


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I dont think i've even been out in my PD140 and not got over 50 when goin through town and stuff, only if am in a race mood i'll get like 45 ish. My fabia VRs had an indicated 58mpg for the time i had it.

For me its all about predicting what going to happen and not racing up to the car infront