2.0tdi 140 tuning advice?


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Apr 25, 2004
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wemyss bay
i have recently bought myself a tdi and need some advice on the best route for tuning.

its remapped already but its smokey so i reckon the maps pretty ****ty,

what are the best things for these engines?
what are the best things for these engines?

Better tuner by sounds of it lol.

Talk to Brotek, he's Edinburgh way but he does some good work with tuning, Mark Brodster is his name :)
Well you could go all out for about 2k with darkside developments and they tune it upto a safe 230bhp ( bigger turbo etc)
So would a Victoria's Secret model, but as with the 230bhp on an A3, they both have a rather large cost lol

Think wisely as more power would put more strain on components & this power requires other things improved like intake, exhaust systems etc, to make them fully efficient in harnessing the power, talk to Mark 1st, explain the issue, see what he says.
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Basic remap is often plenty for most on these engines.
I'm running a DTUK tuning box and its ample for me. I'm not a mad speed freak though lol but I do like the odd spirited drive home down the twisty's sometimes :-D
A follow up on what NHN said. You need a full exhaust system, stock air filter has been debated to be more than sufficient so up to your discretion wether it needs changing to a CAI. You can get a hybrid turbo for £800 mark or £600 mark on an exchange basis from turbo dynamics, with that you'll need a remap and eventually an updated clutch along the lines of a Sachs clutch. Before any of this, make sure your engine is tip top, full service including cam belt and water pump.

After that you could think of changing the brakes for S3 or MK5 Golf R32 brakes depending how you feel the standard ones cope with the power. Possibly changing the wheels and tyres to cope with the power, some nice wide wheels with some good tyres will go a long way.
Might want to add Forge boost hoses to your shopping list too, to cope with the added pressure of the hybrid turbo, 22-24 Psi is recommended iirc.
cheers guys a fair bit to think about there, the cars done a few miles so i guess making sure everythings spot on is probably top of the list!
just get a nice smooth remap unless you got endless amounts of cash as nhn said its a big can of worms to open when you go hybrid turbo and all the biz