2.0TDI 140 - MPG !


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Hi , can a few of you guy's please give me an idea of what MPG you are getting from your 140's , ideally with and without the new stop/start function . I initially wanted the new 1.6 TDI for economy reasons but having read recent threads regarding the low mpg that people have been getting i'm having my doubts . As the 2.0tdi 140 is currently within £100 or so of the 1.6 tdi price i'm wondering whether this may be the better option , thanks . :icon_thumright:


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I've only had mine for 3-4 weeks and have put £20 in twice since.

I got roughly 180ish miles before it went on the red light. A mix of town and motorway driving. Since then, I put another £20 in and currently it's on around 80 miles - the computer tells me I have 115 miles left in the tank.

I'm not exactly sure what MPG I'm getting though.

I only used to get 130 miles at a stretch in my Vauxhall Corsa 1.8, so I'm delighted :D


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Mine's an 07 without stop/start function, it does around 500 miles to a tank which is usually a combination of town and motorway driving. On long motorway stints I've had 650 from a tank and nearly 60mpg. Average mpg per tank is around 45 but if you have the discipline to drive like a nun, I've seen very high figures from mine and then there's a stretch of open road and I forget all about mpg and keep it nailed into the horizon :rockwoot:


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With S-Tronic (no stop-start, I think that is quite new so may not be many about with that feature) getting high 40s or low 50s on longer runs - quite happy with that.


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My TDI 140 (no stop start) does around 50-55mpg. Have had it 3 weeks and only filled up once :)

It did 570 miles to my 1st tank, currently just over the half mark on the fuel gauge and i've done 375 miles. I drive mostly on the motorway though.


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I'm averaging 38-40. Haven't done any motorway for quite some time, but that'll change once the weather cheers up!

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Mines a 2005 sport with 67k on the clock. I've had it since just before Xmas and just pottering about with very little motorway driving it averages 40-45 mpg. If you ignore the 'low fuel' light it's usually around 500 to the tank !!


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Hi there... I have a 2006 Sportback with a stage 2 remap and 50k on the clock, I'm getting about 48 mpg on short journeys and just got 54 mpg on a trip to northampton from northumberland. pretty happy with that to be honest, seeing as its up to 185bhp. ;-)

I only run it on Vpower and use fuel treatments on most full tanks. also have a piper cross panel filter and have used a decent oil treatment. not sure if these things help but thought it was worth a try.


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Getting anywhere between 45 and 55MPG (on the DIS) on a 30min extra-urban run, depending on a couple of factors as I see it:

* Mood (Driving style)
Bad day (or slap the SlipKnot CD) in and MPG dives. Heavy feet turns 'er into a drinker.

* Traffic conditions
Heavy traffic with lots of stop-starts - average MPG
Light traffic, moving at fairly steady rate - good MPG
No traffic with open roads - average MPG

* Ambient Air Temp.
Cold engine / air - average MPG
Warmer engine/air - good MPG
Hot engine / air - can't remember when it was hot/sunny last!

Are we taking the DIS MPG reading as gospel or measuring manually?


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I've averaged a real 44mpg in mine over 87 tankfuls, 35,000 miles and 3.5 years, tracking every tankful.... (although the DIS computer says average of 49mpg, as it over-reads by 10% on mine....)

Best tankful average was 55mpg, worst tankful average was 36mpg

I regularly see 50 or even 55mpg average for a "trip" on the dash display - and have seen over 60 average a few times - but across a mix of motorways, A-raods and town driving, an average of 44-48 is realistic.

I used V-Power diesel for six months and it did improve consumption slightly, but not enough to cover the extra cost, so I stopped and reverted to using standard Shell.


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Best I've had on the DIS at 55mph is 65mpg, just tootling along, DIS says 55mpg is the average over the 16k miles I've done, and if I brim to brim I usually get 55mpg, mixture of some town driving which sucks, and 80% motorways where i get 55-60 @ 70mph or so .

Worst tank was 550miles, best tank is over 730miles.

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Mines an 04 sport (manual) and I get about 44mpg. I do mainly normal and A roads, rarely motorway. I don't exactly hammer it around everywhere, but I definatly don't exactly drive slow either. Might try n drive a bit more sensible now to see if I can hit 50mpg.


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I have the 140 with start stop

The mrs is getting 63mpg on her daily commute.

I had a drive over to Manchester the other day and got 55mpg at an average speed of 80-85


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Thanks guy's . these figures are really good . Even at worst they are on a par with the 1.6 tdi , at best they far exceed it . Deano670 , these figures are really good for the start/stop , and do you think that these figures will improve with some miles under it's belt , that seems to be the general opinion ? Would i be right in saying that some of the slightly older 140's are a different engine to the current ones ? If so when did the switch take place ?


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Ye the new 140's have the new more fuel efficient drive train system.

Ive been told that the mpg figures will get better as the engine beds in. Very happy with the current mpg though... just needs a wash


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Im getting 46mpg - thats driving 4 miles to work on normal A roads - im driving to swindon next week which is approx 300mile round trip - im kinda hoping for late 50's for that :icon_thumright: