2.0T cam follower replacement and look how bad this is!!


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Aug 2, 2009
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I have a 2.0T and had it for a year now great engine, but was looking at common faults the other day as my DV went few weeks ago and I changed my PCV valve too and read that the cam follower was very common problem and symptoms are fuel cuts, well sometime when my dsg gearbox changes gear it felt like a slight jerk like no fuel was there so anyways thought I would change the cam follower.
Picked it up today from Audi and fitted it tonight only to find it like this: I have compared it with the new one

So fitted the new one and it felt so much smoother when I changed into 3rd gear ect this was the worst gear before.
What I wanted to know is would this of caused any damage to my engine at all I have looked at the cams through the hole and seemed fine to me, No damage it anything. Would this of made my car slower also with the old follower
****** hell, that's well knack'd mate. No scoring or grooves in the cam at all? If not then it seems you are very lucky.

It would have had a slight affect on fuel pump plunger lift/pressure, but not enough to impact performance i would have thought.
I know I was gutted when I saw it, there where very tiny light marks on the cam nothing deep or anything like that, don't know how long it's been like that though, was very lucky that I just randomly decided to change it.
Thought it was strange when I went to bleed the valve of the HPFP and there was nothing there would this mean anything :s?
Did you have the igntion on or drivers door open when you tried to bleed it?

How much did the plunger cost you? I intend to strip mine at some point to check the condition.
No it disconnected the battery and door was closed, the cam
Follower was £24 all in with vat well wort buying and changing even before you look at yours piece of mind to be honest mate
Can't believe the state of that! How many miles has it covered?
I know mate and has covered 33k so don't reckon it's ever been changed.
That's unbelievable considering your mileage.

1) do you rev it hard from cold
2) are you on fixed or variable long life serving
3) do you drive the car hard

I didn't manage anywhere close to that with HPFP & S2+ and similar mileage
33k!!!! Thats crazy! I changed mine a few days ago and it did not even have mark on it.
I'm 99% sure that you have to change intake camshaft and HPFP. I've had the same problem and put a new cam follower. After 30km (~20miles) the black protective coating had scratches on it! Need new cam follower or new HPFP? - VW GTI Forum / VW Rabbit Forum / VW R32 Forum / VW Golf Forum - Golfmkv.com replaced camshaft with S3 ones and new HPFP!

AmD recommend checking it every 5,000 miles if you have a HPFP. I think APR released a TB about it as well. You were lucky it wasn't worse - could have needed a new engine - I saw the aftermath of a similar problem on an S3 when I was in getting my car remapped. :slapped: