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2.0t 2006 Audi a3 resonator delete

Malcolm Wallace Sep 17, 2015

  1. Malcolm Wallace

    Malcolm Wallace New Member

    Hey im looking to make my a3 to sound a little meaner, a full magnaflow exhaust will cost me $800 and my local shop wil do a res delete for $60, anyone know how the res delete would sound or have any other suggestions?? on a pretty small budget lol.
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  3. Triji

    Triji New Member

    I can tell you it does indeed sound "meaner", BUT it is really poppy, or bubbly, or garbly when downshifting, and between shifts.
    I have a downpipe on the car (no cat) and maybe that's why, but If you're still running stock exhaust, you may not have this issue.

    I will try and take a video tomorrow, both in the car (driving around) and driving by. Hopefully you will have a good idea of what it will sound like.

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