2.0 tfsi Clutch Options


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Evening all,

I'm having some problems trying took look for a new clutch and flywheel. I'm looking at getting a uprated set up but unsure what to get. I have a Bgb A4 2.0 tfsi Quattro saloon with currently a stage 1 remap and drop in panel filter future mods to come.
To those that have replaced there's would they mind sharing with me what you have got as I'm lost for ideas on what to get, Single mass or dual mass and which clutch kit.
Many thanks in advance


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Single mass all steel clutchmasters (usa) flywheel on mine with a st3 rs4 clutch which has been modified in usa by drake performance to fit a tfsi.Single mass does give a bit more vibration at slow speeds,even though mine is only slightly lighter than the stock dual mass,much lighter aluminium/steel combo ones are supposed to be even worse.Clutch feel is good only slightly heavier than stock.I think i would have trashed a dual mass with 385 lbft torque and not final mapped yet.