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2.0 tfsi B7 Cabriolet EPC and starting issues.

zen_200 May 11, 2018

  1. zen_200

    zen_200 New Member

    Hello all,

    I have trawled through many threads and web pages and I am unable to determine the best cause of action.

    Here is my issue.

    I have owned my car since 2014, last year I started having starting issues when the weather was hot and would get the EPC light on and the car would be in limp/safe Mode.

    I diagnosed the issue to be a rely j757 so got a garage to change it for me. They said they changed it and that the old one was corroded. The car seemed to start ok, but sometimes it seemed a bit jumpy on idle.

    Anyway.... The winter came and I thought nothing else of it.

    Fast forward to last Saturday morning and the car was sat on the drive for a few hours and the sun was on it and temps were 28 degrees or more.

    I went out late morning to drive it and it struggled to start and the EPC light was on and its was in limp mode.

    I drove it round the block, stopped and turn off, then restarted and the car was back to normal and started fine.

    All that weekend when the weather was hot I had intermittent bad starts.

    My VAG fault codes are:

    0444, 0033, 2294 and 0293

    So my questions are....

    Do i trust that the garage did actually change the relay ?

    Do I try and change some sensors like coolant temp sensor and crank sensor as mentioned elsewhere ?

    Do you have any other ideas or advice.

    I really would appreciate the input on this.

    Thanks for reading.

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  3. zen_200

    zen_200 New Member

    Anyone ?
  4. Mr Billy Gardiner

    Mr Billy Gardiner New Member

    Hi mate I can see no one replied to you. I am having the same issue at the moment and want to set my car on fire just wondering if you found the problem thanks

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