2.0 tdi things to look out for?


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I am looking for a more economical car to replace my bmw 330ci.
Looking at a3 2.0tdi sports.
Ive heard that the 2.0 vag engine is noware near as reliable as the old 1.9 8v tdi.
Have any of you had much problems with yours?
And what should i be looking for when buying one?

Any help will be much appreciated.


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I'm selling my 2.0 TDi Quattro as I've just bought a 2.0T. Got 42k on the clock, never had any issues. Its used approx 1L of oil in the 10k I've owned it but that's apparently normal.

Audi : A3 2.0 TDi S-Line Quattro 3dr :D


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I've owned one for about 8month now. I love it.

Though its got 127k+ on it, I've have to replace the Throttle Body, or inlet air manifold, and its apparently a common problem.

What year you looking at?

Sarah's A3

Depends what year you are looking at. There have been cases of this engine around the 2004 - 2005 ish having porous cylinder heads. I had one and its a fairly costly fix. You can tell if its gone as one of the signs is having to top up your coolant.
As I say, depends on the year you are looking at.


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i have got 2.0tdi 140 owned it for 6 months and hasnt given any problems at all ( thank god ) :)


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Got a 2.0 tdi 2005 and its been great. Had it a year. First thing i did was new cambelt and water pump (50K) then a full service. no problems so far, 56.3 mpg average on my first full tank of fuel, thats real world, not off the odometer. Its the 140 bhp model.
What to look out for, FSH of course and if its black, stone chips. Yes mine is black !!!!

I also switched from a petrol BMW to a TDI Audi. First thing i noticed is the steering is a lot lighter, but i still think BMW are better made. My 11 year old 316, not a single build quality issue. The Audi, one of the carpets has worn through and a door trim bit has come off.

But, and its the killer issue, i love the fact i can go for a spin in the Audi, and the petrol guage hasn't moved.