2.0 TDI oil pump / balance shaft failure?

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Dear all, I am the owner of a a4 2005, which has come out of the dealers today after having an MOT, my husband reported to the a strange noise, already had cam belt and water pump changed 6 months ago, they have said they thin its the balance shaft ? Cars mileage is only 76,000 well cared for had it since new, cost could total aprox £2000, however I can not really hear much of a noise sounds just like a diesal car to me, but hey what do I know about cars.......well just I love my car !! Been in discussion with Audi any advice you can offer me the better. Thanks :0)


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My oil pressure light came on today its also showing the same symtoms as yours ie If the engine in on but car is at a standstill the light wil not appear. Only on movement does it appear.how did you get on at the garage mine aint getting opened up untill next week .




Hello all,

Our Audi A4 2.0TDI 55 plate (114,000miles) has finally been repaired today after two weeks, with this same fault. Once again we bought this down to the 1.9TDI being reliable and serving us well. Bill came in at just over £3000 which did include the modified parts and also the modified DMF as well Cambelt, water pump etc.... Have all paperwork to prove work has been done by an Audi Specialist and would like to know how is best to go about trying to get a goodwill gesture from Audi.

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You wont get a goodwill gesture from Audi if you have had it done at a specialist as far as i understand.

Your only hope really would be do do the small claims court thing as above. Probably


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Ben is right, having the work done at a non-main-dealer will mean you will have no chance of goodwill.


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If you read the posts in this section you will find out that the first symptoms ( for those with "mechanically inclined ears") are a rattling sound that is speed dependant coming from the lower part of the front of the engine. There are also a few audio video clips on Youtube that give you a feeling for the noise. My BLB has not experienced any issues as yet but I will be having the pump replaced with the gear driven unit at the next major service ( when I will also have the timing belt ,tensioner and water pump replaced). There are many others on this forum who have experienced this failure/warning signs and I am sure some of them will jump in here to let you know of their own expreiences........................


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If you read the posts in this section you will find out that the first symptoms ( for those with "mechanically inclined ears") are a rattling sound that is speed dependant coming from the lower part of the front of the engine. There are also a few audio video clips on Youtube that give you a feeling for the noise. My BLB has not experienced any issues as yet but I will be having the pump replaced with the gear driven unit at the next major service ( when I will also have the timing belt ,tensioner and water pump replaced). There are many others on this forum who have experienced this failure/warning signs and I am sure some of them will jump in here to let you know of their own expreiences........................

Dont forget when you have the gear conversion you will need a new cast alloy sump ££££££££££ its bigger than the old one i only found this out when i picked the car up £3000 later :(


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Can you advise if the A3 2.0 TDI's have the same issue?

Cheers, Lee

I haven't read anything about them having the same problem, nor the Seat Leon. That's not to say they don't have the fault but the most reported are A4's and A6's.

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P Crr - Disregard my last post. Having checked your VIN against ETKA, you have a BLB engine but it is fitted with the spur gear drive. It would appear that all BLB engines fitted to cars with a VIN after 8E*6*080172 were of the modified type. Hope that helps

Hi Lad`s new to the forum, I am an hgv mechanic, but served my time on anything from a lawnmower up, have been reading this thread with great inetrest as my b7 s line has a 2.0 tdi blb just hitting 86k. Thought my biggest problem would be my clunking air comp pulley which i did last week now sounds as quiet as a mouse, but it appears this pump drive is a big issue and costly hence the reason audi wont admit the problem openly and give a recall. I have had four audis and never had major issues with any up till now touch wood, the 1.9tdi was a cracking engine, compared to the blb`s track record. If i can be of any help to anyone dont hesitate to get in touch, i would be gratefull if you could check my chassis no for me albarker01, if its ok ill send you an email, happy motoring guys


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By reading some of the post's here it seem some of the later gear drive moudle's are also failing due to the supposedly same hexagon drive at the oil pump which is consistent with the article in the Audi driver magazine (2009)which only mentions the oil pump hexagon spline shaft failure with subtle decrease of oil pressure being a little too late when the actual oil pressure warning light illuminates ,with the mention of the up date module needing a new sump to accomadate it runing up a high cost,think I will chose the option of training my ear to the chain tensioner noise believing it to be the first sign of trouble and get a second opionin if it is suspect and if so replace it with the same chain drive system providing the crank sproket is ok,found indi are very reluctant to rip it up if it has not failed as yet.Don't generally like retrofit gauges but oil pressure gauge i'm sure would be very useful here.This may sound a bit creative but I wonder if there is a simlar alloy tentioner arm out there that could be subsituted for the existing plastic one,with little modafication mounted on the existing plate that supports it


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Fairly new to this so please bear with me!!
I have an A4 B7 2.0 TFSi DTM model.
Red light re oil pressure came on last Fri (5 Days ago)
Took it to a garage round the corner from work who weren't too keen on touching it. Called an Audi specialist and he said the oil pump needs replaced. Spoke to him today and he said the chain needs replacing too as it was damaged.
What are the chances of any damage to the engine???
Has done 80k miles so gonna get the timing belt done too to be safe.
Only recently had to get my fuel pumps replaced and the fuel rail and other wee bits and bobs, don't know if that would affect the oil pump becoming damaged??
Cheers in advance...


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ma54mad - Id post a new topic if I were you. This topic is todo with an issue with the 2.0 TDI with "BLB" engine code not the problem your seeing.

I know nothing about the 2.0TFSI but dont drive any car if the oil pressure light comes on - im sure ive also read its due to the pickup pipe needing cleaning.


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I have found this thread today, and unfortunately I have had the misfortune to get this problem.
My Car is a 2007 Audi A6 2.0 TDi (BRE Engine). It had a Full dealer service history apart from last one which was done by an Independent Audi Garage.
The oil light came on whilst I was driving, and I lost power, heard a nasty rattling noise and I limped home.
I took it to an Independent Audi garage the other day, and today I got a whopping bill.
1. The Balance Drive has worn out. Cost to replace £1800 (including labour)
2. The Oil pump. £391 (including labour)
3. The Turbo. £1500 (including labour)
The reason for the failure was due to the balance drive shaft. The garage chap informs me that Audi have made a modification to the drive shaft now.
Can anyone advise me if they have been successful in getting any joy with Audi UK in some sort of goodwill, and what steps I need to take to pursue it?


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You will get nothing from audi many people have gone down this road ,
The only chance is if we all get together and get this out in the open ,

most other respected car makers would recall the cars or offer some goodwill . audi say its a very small number that have this problem so why dont they help out ????????????????


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has anyone tried to get honestjohn.co.uk update with details of BLB and experience of costs via here


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We stock the audi oil pump chain part number 03g115230, this fits the BLB as well. £84 inc postage
its the same as the one pictured above

0113 2565676 aire bearings


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I wrote an email to to CEO. They replied back and asked me to ring them.

In short, because I had gone to an independant Audi dealer, and shown "no loyalty" towards Audi UK. They would not offer any goodwill at all. Her decision was final and would not budge.


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its not about your loyalty to audi uk. its about these components being designed to fail just outside of warrenty.
tell her you have receipts from the services the car had at their recommended sheduals, showing the correct vag spec quality oil being used.

contact your solicitor. give them all the facts about this. print off all this thread if needs be! and get them to write a letter informing audi uk that your guna take this further.
tell them they have 10 working days from the date of this letter to reply to you with a booking in date at your local dealer for all these oil pump/balance shaft drive faults rectifying free of charge.
only this will divert you from this course of court action where you will add loss of earnings, stress, and you'll be claiming the period of car tax the cars been off the road for.

Philip Jowitt

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I have had a similar experience with my 2005 Audi 2.0Ltr Tdi BLB engine. Had the car from new to last me a long time. at 80,000 miles the balance Shaft (Chain-driven type) broke. I have written three letters to Audi Uk Customer Services, including one to the managing director Mr jeremy Hicks. I have also spoken to the Chelmsford Audi dealership where I bought my car from new. No-one admits that there is a problem, despite me sending photos of the broken plastic guides and broken components. I am looking for as many peoplwho have experienced this problem. Names and addresses. So a mass protest at an Audi dealership, involving the Press, can bring a result from Audi, who know that they have had a real problem with Chain-driven Balance Shafts.......BUT have NEVER done a Recall! Would like people to contact me on philipjow@btinternet.com ASAP. cheers, regards Phil.I bought a 55 plate Audi 2.0Ltr Tdi, when I was 55 years old to see me through!!! Now A Very unhappy 60 year old Audi owner.

Philip Jowitt

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If you have had a complete failure of your Audi 2.0Ltr Tdi 2005 model, as I have, then contact me on philipjow@btinternet.com. I have written three letters to Audi UK Customer Services, including one to the Managing Director Mr Jeremy Hicks and have been treated unfairly.and Fobbed off.It is time to all get together in a mass demonstration at an Audi Dealership involving the press. Then Audi will have to admit that they SHOULD have had a Recall and they SHOULD NOW Cough up for the repair coss of a PRODUCT FAILURE! and not leave it to the poor customer to pick up the cost of putting their failed Chain-Driven Balance Shaft right! When I was 55 I bought my 55 plate Audi 2.0Ltr Tdi to see me through, I am now 60, a very unhappy Audi owner, with a failed product! Regards Phil.(Clacton on Sea,Essex)


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I think it's time to take action, why not all get together as a group, contribute to a solicitor, i.e fighting fund and set up joint action grop in all names. We then take them to court, or if we want to keep costs down, the small claims court.

At same time we get the press on to the case with a committee of people, and each person tasked with targeting individual press agencies i.e each national papers, l0cal papers, Motor mags, TV, watchdog etc etc.
They have ****** me off for too long, so lets all fight back constructively.

Who is up for it?


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I reckon you should get Domonic Littlewood on BBC 1 on the case he used to trade in cars a few years back im sure he would enjoy geting his teeth into something like this :)

Philip Jowitt

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Hi, I noticed that you have experienced the same fault as I have on my 80,000 mile 2005 Audi 2.oltr. tdi (Balance Shaft Failure) As Audi are trying to Fob me off by saying that it is Not a known fault and they are not responsible. I would like all other Audi owners, who have had the same problems,to contact me please. philipjow@btinternet.com. Regards Phil (Clacton on Sea,Essex)


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Err can someone confirm what the exact problem is? The latest news from the company workshop is on mine is......

"Good news we took the sump off and it's just a little plastic chain guard thats snapped off, shouldn't be expensive, you'll have it back in no time"

(I'm now dreading some sort of repair involving cable ties and gaffer tape)

Well the company workshop "out it back together", I'm guessing they just put the old chain back on the pump and 7 months and 20k miles later, red triangle and "Low Oil Pressure" warning.


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A6 avant 2.0tdi 06 plate - BRE engine. Bought from new, with full audi history.

Had oil light last week combined with glow lamp. Stopped immediately at garage and checked oil - fine - and then coasted home , about a mile mainly downhill. AA towed me to audi main delaer, where after 2 days engine and turbo pronounced a write off.

Discovered this thread, which helped me get a goodwill payment from Audi. Cost of engine £5k, turbo £900, but cost to me £3,750 - reduced because of high mileage 112,000 and age.

Not happy as this was new shape A6 at the time, and clearly not fit for purpose.

The works are being done next week, but i have also submitted a post warranty claim, which I intend to pursue.

A local independent told me he had seen several similar failures, which he put down to the oil pump drive shaft wearing round and slipping.


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Hi all,

Just wanted to give everyone an update on what has happened to me and my car since my last post. I have not updated anything for a while because I wanted to keep it quite until resolved.

Basically I posted on here saying my Audi TDI 2006 had the turbo fail and Audi dealer told me its the oil pump/balance shaft failure. Costing a large pile of cash. I did manage to secure a good will payment from Audi UK ( thanks ).

£1700 would be the end cost to myself. Anyway, the new turbo blew up on the test drive and the dealer had to order a another turbo.
The third turbo blew on the test drive and they decided something else was now wrong. The engine was stripped and found to be damaged, head and pistons all marked. New engine time 8(

So without any good will from dealer or Audi UK I was facing a bill of £8800 and 20 plus hours @ 115 per hour making a total of £10K.

At this point alarm bells were ringing, how the hell did my engine get so damaged? I asked and was told it was from the damaged turbo, pieces of metal. So which turbo I hear ask, so I suggested the bill was split 1/3 to me and 2/3's to them because they damaged 2 turbo's and I damaged 1. Audi replied saying the damage was caused from the first turbo when the car came in because they had kept the turbo and could see pieces missing. So why did they install a further 2 turbos and continue to test drive the car knowing metal could be inside the engine. Well they say, most oil pump, turbo repairs like this they have always got away with just replacing the balance shaft and turbo. So its a common fault and they carry out lots of these repairs, but a few weeks ago when I told them about all the fuss on the internet about this problem it wasn't a common fault.

Anyway long long story in short I had a good deal with the dealer and Audi UK and after alot of time got my car back. Working like new and happy. I'm broke but happy

It took over 7 weeks for the repair, but they kept me mobile in another car and couldn't fault the CS they provided.

But it's not right, how can a car I paid over £20K for end up broken needing a new engine in 4 years, I was backed into a corner where I had no option but to repair/replace the engine, which might not have needed, I shall never know.


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My 57 plate (60,000 mile) 2.0 tdi 170ps A4 has just put on its LOW OIL PRESSURE light. Pretty sure its a BRE. Full Audi history but 3.5 yrs old.
No rattles, no noises, no warning. No excuse for it at all!!
Stopped it immediately as was only doing 40 or so.
Towed it into the private garage that does my van and other car. We put a pressure tester on it to rule out wiring, sensor issues but the engine produced no oil pressure.
Now feeling a bit sick after reading these and other forums' threads on the issue.

I hope no real damage has been done but am mighty annoyed as this seems likely to cost me thousands!
Please note, earlier in this thread people were claiming only 05, BRB engines were likely to have oil pump failure....not so.
I had the thing booked on the ferry to go to the Le Mans 24hr..."to support AUDI" next weekend too!

I shall feedback when I have some answers from Audi.


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Interesting I've just had my turbo changed by Audi. It's the tdi170 2007. Within 30 miles oil light came on so topped it up. 700 miles later it came on again. Mines the BRD engine. Do these have the same pump?


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Just a point I felt needed clarifying. The BLB issue isn't the oil pump failing, it's the chain/pre-tensioner and hex shaft that causes the issue. Other engines don't use the same system.


brokensprung burke unteknik
hello everyone . yes its the same problem for me... late 05 2.0 tdi sline avant... many and various problems over the years from new, of which audi should be ashamed of themselves for most of them. i have a bre engine code but have now suffered three...yes three oil pump shaft failures so far.. but now the balance shaft assembly has had its last turn..did i mention my second dual mass flywheel...on a tiptronic no less, but more of that later....much more.. i have covered 220,000 miles since december 2005 and bought the audi(again) for its bulletproof reliability and solid build quality..i would love to find out what part of the car is bulletproof..maybe its just me thats a dumdum tho for believing the hype...vorsprung durch teknic indeed... that just means your wallet / purse is empty..i am from a motor trade background and still work in the mobile comms trade, so i get to see audis old and modern, every day, and these problems are as common as meatflies on a rotten steak.i have the dubious honour of the most recovered by the aa/rac man in my street, as most of my neighbours watch out for me as im dropped off by the low loader again...the honda man is paticularly smug, as he never has any problems...every time it breaks, the recovery guys say, yes its really common....:sob:..surprise surprise tho, audi always say "thats very rare sir"..suprise suprise then i call the service booker "cilla".i stopped taking it to audi as they managed to break it more than fix it.. i was neary killed one time as their repair failed, and when i limped back to the dealer, the "customer Liason manager" accused me of shouting..which i hadnt by the way..im normally soooo placid..it currently resides in my old friends garage with the sump off waiting for my cash again...the moral of this story is simple tho....buyer beware..good luck guys..


brokensprung burke unteknik
hi .me again.. part two just in case you are all wondering...yes i change the oil every two months, and use oil additives, and thats how the engine survived 3 high speed oil pressure failures..im a mechanic and auto electrician, and it kills me to have someone else fix my car, let alone break it... much love ..


brokensprung burke unteknik
hi , me again..i should be at work but my car has broken down again...no its an audi...yes i didnt realise either, yes im sure its an audi ( my main conversation piece)....must have cost audi th90 pounds ousands when i tell fleet managers where my car is...

for those of you who have minor parts knowledge i present a breakdown(no pun intended) of the parts that usually fail

oil pump its self is usually reliable...bout 90 pounds to replace( rounds off in the balance shaft..poor design)
hexagonal shaft ,connects oil pump to balance shafts...approx 5 pounds....yes 5 pounds.!!!!!
balance shaft assembly(drives oil pump and keeps engine smooth....when its running of course 900.00 pounds..add 50 quid for oil, ten for filter,, and the rest is audi profit..trebles all round..vorsprung etc


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I'm just about to buy an 08 2.0 diesel automatic A4 (25k on the clock). From reading this thread I'm a bit worried. Does this fault apply to all A4 B7 Audis? Is there anything I can check to see if this is likely to occur in the car I am buying?? Any advice would be great, as I don't want to end up spending a load of money on fixing a newish car.