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2.0 Tdi Engine Issues

ukaudi Aug 15, 2014

  1. ukaudi

    ukaudi Member

    Hi. Im new to this site so gentle with me...
    Recently purchased an a4 2.0 pd twin cam s line 140.
    Instantly noticed its got a few issues.
    Problems are;
    Poor starting without accelerator down.
    Poor low end power.
    Poor mpg.
    Air flow meter fault code keeps popping up but only happens on overrun.
    noisier induction sound compared to others i have driven.
    Generally noisey engine compared to others.

    spec 105k miles.
    just had oil. Fuel. Air filters and new glow plugs and air flow meter but still the same.
    im really stuck with this one as there is not other fault codes!
  2. S4_dan

    S4_dan Fire up the Quattro! VCDS Map User

    Hi and welcome, I'm pretty sure your car is B7 not B6.

    However, check all of your vacuum and boost hoses for leaks and splits. Maybe change the CTS for a genuine part (pattern parts don't work well with Audi's).

    Was the MAF a genuine part too? A scan with vcds and maybe some logs on maf, boost and timing might be useful too.

  3. ukaudi

    ukaudi Member

    Im not sure but it may be a b7. I will get a cts ordered. The maf was pattern but i have a sealey code reader with live data.
    It showed the old maf was faulty and the new maf working!.
    Where can i get a logs done of boost etc....?
    Im in colchester essex
  4. ukaudi

    ukaudi Member

    New coolant sensor fitted but no better.
    I can hear turbo whistling at about 1600 rpm but the car doesnt really pull until 2000-2500 rpm like its not putting fuel in.
    Any ideas??

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