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2.0 TDI BKD Slow Start When Warm

TitaniumTom May 31, 2018

  1. TitaniumTom

    TitaniumTom Member


    I've searched and this seems a common issue on all marques with the BKD, but haven't found a proper solution so far.

    When cold it starts fine. When warm it takes several turns, to the point I think it's not going to start, but then fires up fine.

    Seems worse the warmer the engine is, so if I just pop into the shop for 5 minutes it takes longer than if I'm in there 15 minutes. The outside temp seems to make no difference. It runs fine once started and averaging 55-60mpg.

    Just scanned with VCDS and found no engine faults at all. Had an overboost fault with limp mode last week but that was probably my fault with a very hard boot onto the dual carriageway lol. I don't think it's linked.

    Battery is fairly new, magic eye is green and I had it tested as 'good condition' by a garage. Alternator is less than 2 years old and seems to charge fine. Could a worn starter only be dodgy when warm? I have noticed an aftermarket temp sensor replacement in the recent history - could that be giving false readings? Anything else I can check? Would rather fix it before it fails to start altogether but can't afford to randomly throw parts at it either.

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  3. bobby singh

    bobby singh BSR VCDS Map User TDi Audi A4 quattro

    Where are you based?
    You basically need a 'hot start fix' in the map.
    Over the years you get resistance built up on wiring etc which causes the engine to crank slower. If the ECU doesn't see a certain crank speed it doesn't inject fuel and therefore doesn't start the car.

    If you are around Heathrow I can do this for you if not find a decent tuner locally.

  4. TitaniumTom

    TitaniumTom Member

    Thanks for the info Bobby, I'm right on the East Coast though.

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