2.0 TDI A3 , EGR problem? what to try next...


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Feb 4, 2013
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Had my a3 now for nearly a year , done 7k miles in it since ive had it, the car will go into limp mode with no turbo if i put it under a lot of load going up a hill or thrashing the car, i was told that the turbo is maybe on its way out , but through out all this the eml never came on...

3 days ago i was driving along and the eml came on, a friend of mine had a scanner so i popped it on that and it came up with a EGR flow fault.

he cleared the codes but as soon as i set off it came back on again , so i went home and took the egr valve off and made it spotless with some carb cleaner and a wrag , it was a little bit dirty but not as bad as i was hoping for, i was however surpprised of the amount of oil that came out of it when i was undoing the 3 nuts oil ran out and was dripping, but apparently its normal for a bit of oil to come out as i was told.

Anyway ive put it all back together and the eml is still on the car doesnt drive any different really although ive tried to make it go into limp mode and so far it hasnt but i dont think the problems fixed.

Im sure the eml should go off if the fault is fixed right ?

Thanks in advance
Will the code not clear its self if its detected its fixed?
thanks for that ill do that then
Don't need vcds to clear codes.....

What did you mate use to read them?

That I'm sure will clear them....

Use whatever your mate had to clear the codes. If its sorted they shouldn't come back.
Managed to get hold of one , cleared the code . drove it for quite a bit but the light came back on! not as soon as it did before i cleaned it out but its back on now..

I may be barking up the wrong tree but under the car there is a thick black pipe near the off side wheel arch that appears to be leaking a little bit of oil , enough to create an oil sludge in the bumper trim. could this be the same pipe that comes from the bottom of the egr valve and theres a blockage ?

Not really sure what to do next! thanks
Sounds like a boost pipe not sure if it will cause the fault but new seals don't cost the world.

Any pictures just to confirm?
Like Jack said it could be the boost pipe leaking and maybe making the car go underboosts, try with new seals and clips if thats the case
Hey all bit of an update, I got the light turned off and got a friend to look over it on the ramps, he says the oil was coming from a pipe connected to the turbo ? And it's nothing to worry about. However the light did stay off for quite a while but it's back on again, originally it came back on after a mile or so but now maybe after 10 mile? As for the boost seals I wouldn't know where to start can you acess it from the top ? Thanks
EGR delete...
Iv'e got it done, and the car is more dynamic and responsive ... And the best thing, no egr error codes, ever..
got a friend to look over it on the ramps, he says the oil was coming from a pipe connected to the turbo ? And it's nothing to worry about.

Really!! I would worry about oil leaking from anywhere!!
Apparently its normal for a little bit of oil to come from the turbo ? i have no idea tbh ...

Im still driving around with the eml on need to have a go at cleaning it out again i think!

How much does an EGR delete cost ?
I had ago at cleaning it a couple of weeks ago but still not difference comes straight back on, also when i boot it and leave it in the turbo for 3/4 seconds in 4th say the turbo cuts out all together until i turn it off and turn it back on again. could this be linked?
Maybe the vanes are full of carbon and needs cleaning?
is it worth having them cleaned or a new turbo?