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2.0 TDI 8V New to Audi

Michael Carter Jul 9, 2018

  1. Michael Carter

    Michael Carter New Member

    9C9C0656-8973-4065-AACB-726475BD1C7D.jpeg 485B690F-5FE9-4825-9D5B-FF5CA4B03A72.jpeg Hi all, I’ve recently picked up my 2013 8V 2.0 TDI sport 150, and my first impressions are it’s great. I’m new to the Audi scene and keen to get going with making it mine with a few tweaks but retaining drive ability and comfort. I’ve preplanned what I hope to do, but could do with your expertise to turn it in to reality and stop me in my tracks if i’m unrealistic.

    Exterior plans:
    RS3 Spoiler in gloss black
    Gloss black wheels (to much choice for me to decide which ones yet)
    Gloss black front grille
    Rear diffuser
    Roof wrap in gloss black
    Window tint
    Window chrome wrap in gloss black
    Maybe a Rieger front bumper

    Performance plans:
    DPF delete kit
    EGR delete kit
    35mm lowering springs and shocks
    Miltek exhaust
    Possible FMIC (seem to be struggling for aftermarket parts in this area, is this due to the intercooler being apart of the inlet manifold or is there the additional front mount aswell?)
    Stage one remap with a reduction in torque if required as i’m unsure what the standard clutch can withstand
    I’m not after ridiculous or unrealistic gains, I’ll be happy in the region of 210-220 with a bid to ensure reliability but still have the power when needed.

    I’ve got no time scale, but fortunately for me i was a technician for 7 years and now I’m an engineer, so labour won’t be an issue

    Thanks for reading folks
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  3. h5djr

    h5djr Well-Known Member VCDS Map User Gold Supporter Audi A3 quattro

    Delete the DPF and it will fail the new MOT.
  4. scoss

    scoss Active Member

    Stage 1 map you’re looking at approx 190bhp with 300-320 torque.

    My clutch is fine and I’ve had my map since last June. To be honest, I’m quite prepared to have the extra performance even if it means I have to replace my clutch at an early stage.
  5. amb66

    amb66 Member Team Daytona TDi Audi A3 Black Edition S tronic

    Its got 320Nm as stock. 400 to 420Nm are apparently possible on stage one.
  6. scoss

    scoss Active Member


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