2.0 TDI 170 Plee for Advice


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Hi guys, hate posting with issues but I'm at an absolute loss.
Have recently got my Avant back after having it looked at for 5 weeks with a local Audi specialist following a breakdown. EGR replaced & DPF cleaned and another hefty garage bill.
Driving home tonight she started to give a lumpy idle, with a noticeable wobble throughout the car and then very low power output.
I've had the car for just under a year, she's now got 83k on the clock and I've nearly spent as much on getting her fixed as she cost me in the first place.
There was a louder exhaust note and an induction-ish noise (which the garage have told me sounds like it's in regen) but this was after driving out of the city centre in rush hour traffic for 10-15 minutes at less than 30mph - so to my understanding, not a regen inducing type of drive.

I can't keep spending on her and as we live rurally - we rely heavily on having a car that is reliable.
I love the car dearly but I'm pulling my hair out.
I've heard MAF, wiring looms & fuel filters/gaskets blamed for weird power loss on these TDIs.
Any suggestions as to what might be the issue please let me know...


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If you have not changed the Fuel filter or are not aware of this having been done then definitely do this. Its cheap and if blocked you will be amazed how much it can effect the running of the car. The guy I purchased my 170 off had a new turbo and DPF fitted along with other bits and pieces for it to turn out to be just a blocked Fuel Filter!
My 170 makes louder exhaust note and induction noise all the time when in regen and it does it no matter what type of driving I have been doing so don't worry about that.
have you checked that the injectors were changed as part of the recall that occurred years ago


Audi A3 2010 Sportback 2.0 TDI 170 (CBBB engine)
Diesel fuel filters should be changed every 40,000 miles after which the normal white/yellow paper is black.


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Thanks gents, I'll get the fuel filter sorted sharpish in that case!
Glad it's not just mine, and yes - luckily the last owner was great at keeping paperwork so the injector recall in 2008 (ish) is on there.