2.0 TDI 170 DPF Delete and EGR Blank ??


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Right guys been wondering if i should have this done as it has been worrying me looking at a big bill with new DPF ect ect

Seems mine is re genning alot and the amber light comes on fairly regular even tho 95% of my time is spent on the motorway.

So thinking its either new DPF or Delete along with EGR block and Map.

Advice welcomed.


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I have looked into this myself with my 2.0tdi 140 as I am having a remap as a xmas present and even as I have had no issues with my dpf so far I have been told it's a good idear to have it removed at the same time.

I've also had as far as I'm concerned a few different stories as to how this is done some say they remove the dpf some say they leave it on and reset the ecu to by pass it so I,m very weary of having it done so I asked my local Audi dealer and they told me that yes it can be removed but as my car is a 58 reg it will fail the mot because as the dpf is also part of the catalytic converter which by mot rules it must have and they have had quite a few people in the past who,s cars have come to them and have failed for this reason so I'm just having a superchip bluefin retune and leaving the dpf but if your car is only a year or so old having the dpf removed will be fine until mot time or just hope the mot tester doesn't look for the dpf under the bonnet because I again been told it ok to remove it
because the undertray hides the dpf when the car is up on the ramp.


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Have you had the car scanned for codes since the light has been coming on?? Id start there and work out whats wrong. Normally the sensor on the bulkhead fails; they are about £50

Not a go at you but I dont understand why people dont investigate why the DPF light comes on immediately. Prior to removing mine I drove the car in all manner of conditions, one period I was only doing 10 miles a day, and I never once saw the DPF light........

if you are still worried then get it removed and remapped :). I only removed mine because I was bored of the power lol


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why whats yours running rhys ?

did you gut it or get a replacement pipe?

205bhp / 320lbs ft torque. I could have more but im happy with it at the moment........

had a replacement pipe and passed the MOT with it back in September :)



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Mine was bought through Midland VW at a bit of a special deal as the pipe was a cancelled order.