2.0 or 3.0 TDI, Auto or Manual?


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I'm considering upgrading next year and am starting to look at my options.

I want a late model LeMans Avant, with either the 2.0 (170) or 3.0 TDi engines. The 2.0 is probably all I'll ever need, but a return to six cylinders and quattro appeals (albeit their self destructive nature still worries me!).

I've always had manuals, but as auto's improve and I get older I wonder about trying one. I think I'm correct in saying the 2.0 is a multitronic CVT box and the 3.0 a conventional tiptronic?

It used to be the multitronic was the one to avoid... is this still the case?

Any real world experiences on running costs, performance and general opinions would be gratefully received.

Thank you.


I want your faulty electronics
The 2.0TDI has had several terminal issues with oil pick up pump shaft and a couple of other issues. I'd personally stay away from that engine.

I've got the 3.0TDI (ASB) in my A8 and I love it, even at 186k.
I don't think it's that expensive to run, the engine has been faultless really. The normal servicing costs are not too bad I don't think.
You can do it yourself and I buy the MANN filters which are OEM anyway.
I have had to replace a plastic pipe that I snapped (seems normal chatting to other 3.0TDI owners), glow plugs failed but that's a normal wear and tear part and every pulley, water pump, thermostat because the crank pulley failed.

The engine and gearbox mounts are electric/hydralic (like your current A6?) and they do fail and need replacing, not a massive cost but also something you can ignore.
There is a 2nd thermostat for the gearbox which fails and causes your temperature to below, its an easy fix when on a ramp and always over looked.

The early 3.0TDIs did suffer from injector fail but that's pretty noticeable with VCDS or the excessive smoke coming out the exhausts after a stop.

The Auto Tiptronics are good boxes if looked after, service every 40-60k and ignore what Audi says about them being sealed for life.


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What @ScottD3 said. The Auto on the 3.0 is just about bullet proof (6 speed ZF tiptronic box) if it were my cash I would go for the 3.0TDI.