1st post - Audi A1 potential purchase, questions on negotiating the best price


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Hi All,

This is my very first post and I'm hoping some of you may have some experience with what kind of negotiation can be done with the Audi dealership. I'm looking at purchasing an A1 Sportback Black Edition 1.4 TFSI (140) cylinder on demand S Tronic in London. Additional options are as follows:

Advanced Key - Had this on my BMW and don't think I could live without it
Audi Parking System Plus
Comfort Package
Door Mirrors - heated and folding
Front Center armrest
Heated front seats
High-Beam Assist
Technology Package
Tire Pressure loss indicator

The ROTR Price is £24,630, but I'm looking for some advice on how much room there is to negotiate with the Audi dealership. I'm not in a massive rush, so I can wait for a build slot. I'm also looking for a PCP, and have already been approved for a 36 month PCP on a Q3 so there won't be any issue with financing. When I look at the auction sites like autoebid, etc. It looks like £22,750 is about the max price I would pay (not including the fee from the site). But do you think there is any more room than that from Audi?

Also, is the interest rate on a PCP negotiable at all? Or does everyone get the same rate (by car)? Would really appreciate any advice people could give. Cheers.



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As someone who has put down a deposit for a new Audi I can say that the majority of Audi dealers are quite flexible and the OTR price is always flexible. I too did some internet research and found that Orangewheels.com had the best price, so if you can get a printed quote and use that print out as a bargaining tool it may work-it did for me.

The PCP IS negotiable, remember get it tailored for you, don't take their first quote or even the second, pick a figure say you can get it cheaper elsewhere-remember they are on a commission if they sell PCP. Alfa's PCP rate is 6.2%APR over 48 months and Jaguars is 9.5% APR over 48 months also, so any where between or lower is what you should be aiming for. Don't forget also to check out for personal loans too.

Good luck Andy


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yes agree, look at brokers such as Orange Wheels and use this as a negotiation tool. One thing you must be aware of is the usual trick when asking for a quote from the Audi dealer is they will add things like Gap insurance, wheel and tyre insurance, and paint protection, even if you ask for this not to be included. Gap from Audi is £500, where you can get the same or better cover from companies like ala.co.uk for £100. Same for paint protection - Auto Glym life shine at ridiculous price usually.

Dont believe the BS saying you must take extras like gap from them, or any other tricks like once in a life time offer only for today. There are plenty of Audi dealers so shop around if you can't get a good deal locally.

Good luck


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I'd leave paint protection. Go to a reputable detailer and get a new car detail, don't even let Audi touch the car.