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1st bath for the beast

Ritzdog Apr 19, 2020

  1. Ritzdog

    Ritzdog Registered User

    Well finally got round to washing the Beast after about 2 years of getting other ppl to do it for me
    Was armed with my trusty old Karcher, some karcher car shampoo, Amazon basics microfiber cloths and my 2 Meguiars buckets (so the neighbours assume I know what I'm doing)
    Took about 1.5 hours in all, blasted with water first, then the shampoo and a scrub with a Mitt, then a rinse off and a dry with the cloths
    It nearly killed me lol gonna get some better shampoo and stuff to clean it with in the future, I mean it's a black car and its 10 years old and the cleaner I get it the more marks in the paint work I can see
    Next purchase will be some black polish to hide some of the blemishes
    Anywho's here she is in all her glory, bet you a tenner a bird will cr@p on it dead center by tomorrow
    Happy detailing.....[​IMG][​IMG]

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  3. AndyT306

    AndyT306 Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    if you are doing correct 2 bucket method only one bucket should have dirty water in it, one for wash one for rinse, and refresh the rinse/both if they get dirty
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  4. feva

    feva Registered User

    Exactly this. Rinse one should be dirty. Not both.

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