1999 S4 value?


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I have a 1999 S4 Avant, silver with black leather. Can you suggest a fair asking price?

Full audi history from new, ie audi main dealer service every year from day one
All books and key, wad of invoices to prove the above
88k miles
I am the 4th owner
Good condition

WHat do you think?


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Not much, seen a couple go through auction around £1500 (can't remember the mileages though).

How the trade see's it, trade value :-Audi S4 Avant quattro
2.7 Petrol 5-door Estate
6 Speed Manual Four Wheel Drive
Year: 1999 V
Mileage: 88,000




Part-exchange Price:
Excellent condition:
Average condition:
Below average condition:
Please note:
The value estimation does not take into account the specified mileage, as there is no mileage adjustment data available for this vehicle.

I would add £500 - £700 pounds for a private sale and maybe a couple of hundred pounds as mileage slightly under average, good luck with any sale.


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i'd say 4k+ depending on its condition.

Cheapest facelift ive seen for sale is around 3500, and its got a not-very-desirable cloth/beige interior.


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I wouldnt take less than 4500, ive been looking and a very clean facelift car with sub 100k audi history easy 4.5k
book prices mean nowt on these modern classics! very sought after too in good nick! i know someone that may give you decent cash! is there any pics of it on SRS????


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You guys never check the market :) Audi S4 for £4500 with that sort of millage you most be crazy and I say don't sale it less then £5000- £6000 if you sell it less then that then you most be crazy :) I have never seen a S4 go for £1500 or even £3000 with that sort of millage yes you can get a S4 for £3500 with Over 150000 miles on it.
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