1999 s3 tyre noise


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tbh, funny noise is a difficult one to diagnose. Try searching on these forums, I'm sure I've read stuff about strange noises being heard on full lock....and I presume they are simply noises i.e You don't notice any other issues/problems.


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Search for dragging rear wheels, it's a haldex problem, first thing to check is the earth strap from the diff to the floor isn't broken, then check the electrical multi plug for dirty connectors.


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I seem to have the same problem, it's like the rear wheels are hopping/dragging only when it's on full lock and you put the power down, the haldex seems to be working fine though. This problem goes away with the haldex fuse pulled as you'd expect, but other than than the haldex seems to be working perfect and got on well in the ice this morning. I just put it down to the crap rubber that are on the set of wheels that were put on the car by the previous owner (Federals). Should I actually be concerned?


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Get a haldex service done, i had this problem for around 6 months, got a haldex service sorted (new oil & filter) and the noise completely went away


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Usually only the facelift models have the earth strap. Get s haldex service and filter done ASAP, sometimes it does the trick. Mines due again in Feb.