RNS-E, mind of its own!!!


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Dec 1, 2012
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Hi there wondering if any of you could kindly help me out, got an rns-e fitted in my 2007 s3 (came with car) but every now and again it has a hissy fit, the screen unfolds when you unlock the car, start the car try put it back up and it goes up but then imediatley comes down again, try putting it up again same happens etc etc,

some times it will eventually go up on its own and stay as it should, but then the next time i use the car it starts all over again,

ive tried having a search but cant find any topic specific to my problem, just threads on the fitting of the rns-e

if anyone can shed some light onto helping me fix this rather annoying issue that would be great,

Many Thanks Phil:thumbsup:
Could be firmware problem, best to reflash with fw to see if it fixes this issue.

Also could be the folding mechanics being faulty or pcb, for this its an unknown tbh & requires you to spend some time on to resolve, no doubt vcds will be needed aswell as firmware dvd.

Why not upgrade to the mk2 :)
Thanks for your help, i best do a bit of research on reflashing and how to go about it, not too clued up on the audi stuff used to my old evo where you couldnt hear the stereo anyway, lol

is it a plug and play for the mk2? does that have a decent postcode entry on the sat nav?

Nav is the same, better screen, sdhc slots, ami compatibility, quicker cpu.

I always advise to code it & it is a direct swap for your existing rns-e.