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Sold 1998 Audi S4 Avant (b5) - low miles - 2 owners - very tidy and original car!

VAG-Slag Jul 6, 2020

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  1. VAG-Slag

    VAG-Slag Registered User

    Only two owners from new with one lady owner for the first 17 years. 118k on the clocks and good service history. Legendary 2.7 bi-turbo engine coupled with famed Audi Quattro 4 wheel drive, usual S4 spec including black leather interior, heated seats, blue carbon weave dash trim, Bose sound system, 6 speed gearbox and xenon lights.Completely standard unmolested and very original car in great condition.

    Within the past hundred miles I’ve been rectifying some of the common issues, as well as a few other jobs, to get the vehicle up to scratch. This includes:

    - Cambelt, water pump and service (using genuine parts)
    - Both exhaust gas temperature senor boards (common problem)
    - 2 x new diverter valves (710p)
    - Aircon leak tested and re-gassed
    - Rear differential and gearbox oil seals, fresh oil in both (fully synthetic 75w90)
    - New battery (4 year warranty)
    - New cam cover gaskets (Elring/OEM parts)
    - New coolant after run pump (Bosch unit)
    - Brake caliper rebuild
    - New wheel bearings x 2
    - Fresh PAS fluid and coolant
    - Various coolant, oil and PAS leaks fixed
    - Alloy wheels chemical dipped and powder coated for durability, not painted.

    It’s also recently been into paint to have a few minor cosmetic issues sorted out. The work has been completed to a very high standard and the body work is near immaculate! Overall the car is in excellent condition inside and out, it drives very well and the suspension is nice and firm (doesn’t feel 22 years old!). The car will also come with 12 months MOT.

    These b5 S4 have been creeping up in value over the past few years and this will make a nice investment as a future classic.

    Asking price is £6,500

    107329451_10163783805380246_3157877440003036244_n.jpg 106934689_10163783805295246_9164106284713445145_n.jpg 107009924_10163783805600246_8410396943878585887_n.jpg 106903743_10163783805655246_7921487396339722100_n.jpg 106915753_10163783805740246_9090483682015776417_n.jpg 106891526_10163783808645246_4862678531277104921_n.jpg 107336189_10163783806050246_7635870561682484447_n.jpg 107568276_10163783807365246_1368596535639437283_n.jpg 106921930_10163783807520246_4453565992055813697_n.jpg 106987299_10163783807640246_9114259515845299447_n.jpg 106932523_10163783808470246_2357368856973105164_n.jpg 107051226_10163783808115246_6587565174593685623_n.jpg 106974333_10163783808245246_7834080717832019848_n.jpg
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  3. S3dave1990

    S3dave1990 Registered User

    Hi is this still for sale?
  4. VAG-Slag

    VAG-Slag Registered User

    Yes, still for sale and now has 12 months MOT :icon thumright:
  5. VAG-Slag

    VAG-Slag Registered User

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