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For Sale 1995 Audi Coupe !

ldoshiv2 Aug 18, 2014

  1. ldoshiv2

    ldoshiv2 Member

    image.jpg Thinking of selling /PX my 1995 audi coupe. I ideally need an a4 avant for work!

    Bought this wee cracker from a neighbour 2 months ago. It comes with just under a years not and 7 months tax. It's done 108000 miles back with a full up to date service history stamped up till 107000 miles
    Half leather interior. Which is in great condition. Wheels don't have a single flaw on them. It's a credit to its previous owner who hAd it since 1997. He only sold the car to me due to ill health. The bodywork is straight and virtually rust free. Although not immaculate, the bodywork is really great for its age. The only thing which doesn't work is the central locking. I've been told it's been like that for over 5 years. Everything else works... Even every dial land warning light! Reasonable offers please.

  2. Stan 24v

    Stan 24v Member

    How much are you thinking? Where are you?
  3. Hofmiester

    Hofmiester Henry the 8th

    Yep, location and guide price would be ace. Also what spec is it? Engine, Quattro etc?
  4. ldoshiv2

    ldoshiv2 Member

    I know it probably won't fetch over £1000 due to it's engine size. Sorry I meant to say it's the 2.0 I'm in ayrshire scotland thanks !

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