My day @ York Raceway


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Oct 9, 2012
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Well on sunday i headed down to York raceway with my local VW/Audi forum for some RWYB action, having never had the audi near a track/strip before i was unsure of just what it was capable of. So with that in mind i set myself a target of 12.5sec 1/4 mile run anything under that i would off been really pleased. I mean i knew the car was quick but just how quick ??

So after arriving at 9am, passed through scrutineering it was time for my first run, at this point i was feeling pretty nervous lol im not sure why either but hey ho :)

Anyway managed 6 runs during the day, here are the times/terminal for my runs

First run of the day

11.89 @ 114.47 MPH (Oh my days lol )

next few runs

12.34 @ 108.69 MPH
12.06 @ 115.08 MPH
12.56 @ 113.67 MPH (Fluffed start)

then finally got back into the 11's

11.97 @ 112.51 MPH :)

Then on my final run before i headed home

11.73 @ 115.66 MPH (My quickest of the day)

We were running in our own visiting group class, but out of all the other RWYB entrants on the day i was the quickest by 1/2 second, the closest car being a 32 GTR Skyline, with his best run being a 12.2.

All this is still on the APR stage 1 V2.0 map i am yet to have the stage 2 file put on the car :)

I had people coming to me all day saying "that car is ridiculous" a 5 door family hatch shouldn't be that quick lol

And finally a quick vid of me against a mates K04 powered 1.8T corrado

Vagcars racewars - rado steve - chris32 - YouTube
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Very quick car for sure, although I would say you got the 2nd best start against the corrado :) however clearly made up for it lol.
Sub 12s with just a Stage 1 map .... great result :thumbsup:

Any tips/lessons learnt on getting the best 1/4 mile times ?
Cheers Fellas

@NHN, haha yeah my reaction times were pretty poor all day tbf but with it being the first time I'd done it in the Audi I wanted to make sure everything was right so I could get a good time rather than quick off the line.

@JonnyG, no hints and tips as such as the car is pretty much setup for 1/4 mile sprints with having L/C and DSG, just head out there and enjoy it,

One thing I will try next time however is adjusting the dampers on the back, this time I was running 3 all round but next time ill take the rears upto 5/6 to see if I can stop the rear squatting so much to see if it makes a difference.
Great figures there Chris 11.73 @ 115.6 is an impressive run.

I'm also glad to see the runs I did with the PerformanceBox and Dynolicious were accurate 12.02 @ 114 and prove the extra go from the APR map is there even if the strange dyno results we've seen suggest otherwise. You are surely going to see some impressive times with the Stage 2 map!

I think you are right about the 1/4 mile launch too - let the systems make the decisions. I've noticed that as soon as you back off, say if you encounter wheelspin, you lose the whole impact of launch. Much the same if you grab an early upshift. Might as well leave your foot planted and let the RS3 sort it all out. I still haven't seen a sun 12s 1/4 mile but who knows with some sticky tarmac maybe just maybe.
Haha, not to shabby then eh lol.

Not sure if any of you would be interested but there is another RWYB event on @ York on the 13th Oct, it's the last one of the year. I should be there all being well, would be good to see some more RS3's running.
OK, but this is not the place to advertise your items, you must use the specific RS3 ebay for sale thread, not in other members threads.

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