S3 fuel gauge - Gauge issue or pump/sender issue?


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Jul 19, 2007
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Basically below half a tank my fuel gauge is useless and fluctuates every 1-2 seconds from 150 miles down to 0 and anything in between!!

Ive had clocks sorted on a TT due to a faulty fuel gauge but that was a different issue as it never went below half a tank!

Im assuming its the clocks but I dont wana spend £200 not to fix the issue - Any advice welcome :)
mine used to mess about and i put a stp fuel cleaner in a full tank and it sorted it.. worth a go for 15 quid mate, the sender in the tank can get a bit crappy i think.
They all do that sir!

Well mine used to until I had run about 30 tanks of vpower through it and it doesn't seem to do it any more.

Ive had 2 A3s and a TT previously which didnt so Im thinking its a fault! As the rest of my dash is ok im guessing its the sender but i'd rather it was diagnosed!

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