a few recent pics of our Avant


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Aug 13, 2010
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took these a couple of weeks ago while the weather was still nice...

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Very nice there, we got our first avant not to long ago, should of got one sooner, like those wheels.
How do you get on with the ride, we looked at the s-line, but informed the ride would be on the hard side. We have the se and still find that on the firm side.

Looks in good condition, well done.
Thanks! Ride quality is very good - you learn to avoid big bumps and go very slow over speed humps but generally it soaks up the road surface very well :)
Very nice fella, they 19's? Also what width and offset? They really really suit the car :)
Looks lovely mate, the LM's really suit the car! :thumbsup:
Cheers guys, wheels are 8.5x19 ET45 with 15mm rear and 10mm front spacers... :)
Cheers fella, I'm seriously considering some BBS CH-R, 19 x 8.5 with a 40 offset. So they should stick out slightly more than the stock 18's. Just a bit concerned that the ride height is gonna look ****e as I'm only on the s line sport springs and I don't really want to lower it.
I'm on an effective ET30 rear and ET35 front and they sit fine if you ask me (although mine may be 10mm lower than yours)...

just get them ordered ;)