Help with maf sensor pls


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Aug 24, 2013
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North London
need help before i waste any money, got fault code P0102 mass air flow sensor signal too low.

i checked the pins with a multi meter and only got 4.9v on one of the pins but no 12v or any thing on any of the others.

i then checked with vcds and its showing no reading on the maf block 003, what could be wring? i did notice that one of the pins in the connecter block is loose think it might be the ground could this be the problom?

thanks guys

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oops, i get 14 volts and 5 v with the engine running and the plug disconnected so is this purely just a dead maf?

bill your a star mate, will come in handy for future ref.

i think its fixed on this one aswell, i bought a cheapo gsf 30 quid maf and instantly no fault codes and reading 4.3g/s at cold idle does this sound about right?
just got o hope it doesnt break down higher up the revs when i can get to drive it :)


yea im the same but in this case not knowing if its at fault i took the cheap option, but if it goes in a few months il have no problem with putting a bosh one in, might just do it when i get paid if its fixed the running issues, then keep this as spare.

thanks for that info bill :)