Can I straight swap my halogen headlamps for xenons???


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May 9, 2012
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I currently have standard halogen bulbs in my A3 (2005/55)
can I switch for other 8p xenons off of eBay??
Do they just plug and play?

See link ....
I think you need a xenon kit to convert from halogen to xenon then the xenon headlights. But to llegaly have it, you must have auto levelling headlights which you can get it at kufatec. And headlight washers
I currently have standard halogen bulbs in my A3 (2005/55)

Those in the link are bi-xenons.
As Ash said, you would need adapters (these ones from Kufatec are OK, I have them on my car).
Would be better if you also manage to get the leveling sensors, maybe the wires.

The headlights are easy to replace. You can use the adapter from Kufatec to connect them and you'll also have to connect two wires to a control module, to have the high beam.
You also need some coding to do.

It is not difficut to do it and it really worth the effort.
Currently in the process of changing mine aswell. Are those ones from Kufatec all thats needed to convert halogen to xenon?