Got my A3 8P A 170 DSG

Looks decent, needs a good clean though! Any plans?
Yeah it's filthy.
Got the Trip stalk and wire coming, wheels and lowering.Like the later rear lights too.
OOOOOhh let me at it :p
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Got a right bargain of Genuine Audi A3 mats

Blinds fitted

Rear LED lights fitted


Car related lol


Also just waiting on the transfer of the plate to the car
Also bought these pedals

New plate documents came today so it's on

Also fitted the pedals today

Car flew through the MOT, smoke couldn't even register it was that low.
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220kg of laminate flooring = free Lowering kit

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Beautiful! , you gonna change that s4 badge to an S-Line? :D
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No not a S-Line, i have seen a blank somewhere, also a mate has a vinyl printer so may see what it like with that first.
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Just had the DPF warning come up, no coils with the warning, so was able to do the regeneration.
Totally different car to drive now.
New rear wiper fitted after someone decided they wanted mine lol

How much were the rear lights and did you have to code them in?
Lights were £200 mark with the looms and yes need vcds to code them in.If you have a sportback imho it's the number 1 mod
Small addition, only just realised i have the storage under the fronts seats lol, only had it 14 months lmao
Cracking car though just past 165k and returns 56 mpg at motorway speeds even up to 90(kmh ;))
Nice motor mate and neat little mods.

Love the steering wheel, how much did that set you back?

Also have you ever thought about the s-line rear spoiler and wind deflectors?
Thanks, think it was about £450, plus the correct loom £20 iirc, no not really thought about them tbh
yeah the listing says all 8p except cabrios
Finally got the springs fitted Before and after 30mm Eibach Pro Kit Lowering Springs Feels loads better too on the short drive i have done.Needed a new lower ball joint, bolts just sheared off, just need to get the tracking done now.Also need to look at spacers for the rear

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I remember when I fitted my B6 S4 20mm spacers to my A3, they rubbed like a.......
Nope, oem sport suspension which wasn't exactly low.
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Love the upgrades, and the pedels I think is a must for me now lol, easy to fit?

Yeah they are guides on here somewhere i followed
Actually got hold off these under shelf net and bag holders. They were on a black shelf, but swapped them over to my grey one

Yeah it's filthy.
Got the Trip stalk and wire coming, wheels and lowering.Like the later rear lights too.

Nice car and nice colour.

Owning a car with the same engine and considering your mileage is over 150,000.

Make sure the DSG oil has been changed with a new filter
I have a 56 plate, and Injectors are on recall from Audi, so they will check these for free for you, if your model comes within the recall bracket (If they haven't already been done that is)

Finally, enjoy it!!! It's a great car, good choice
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