Should i be worried.......?


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Jun 10, 2013
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North Lanarkshire
OK, long story but i'll keep as short as i can.

Bought my S3 in June at a very reasonable price and knew of a few issues that i'd need to sort (brake caliper, oil leak, exhaust leak somewhere at the manifold) but, overall its a very clean car.

So...... Took the car to A for Audi in Glasgow to check the car over, cleared a few faults (Lambda & Overboost) and they said a few hoses needed replacing which is fair enough at 102k miles. BUT, when i went to drive the car away, I got some quite thick blue smoke out the exhaust so spoke to them and they said possibly due to the hoses being moved / squeezed and possibly getting some oil into the cylinders .....? Not sure. The smoke cleared after about a mile or two and car ran normally.

Took the car to Bedrock Veedubs in Motherwell as its closer to me and think theyve got quite a good rep and got them to do a health check and replace the vacuum hoses and any others needing done - 7 in total inc the TIP where they replaced the standard wit another standard one which im annoyed about as i'd like to have put on a Samco or similar............ but anyway. 7 replaced in total which has (or seems to have) solved my oil leak as oil was spraying out of one or more of the pipes. I havent fixed the exhaust leak as yet.

Problem is now, that i noticed some very small pufs of smoke out the exhaust (blue smoke) driving off boost intermittenlty. very infrequent if im honest but i've noticed some light black dust on the rear bumper, very light but question is should i be concerned?

The car is driven very lightly with only the odd blast here and there, warmed up and cooled down properly and otherwise is great. I just wondered what you guys think?

What i'm thinking is:
Valve Stem Seals
Turbo Seals - Although its not smoking on boost as far as i can see.

Apologies for the length but just wanted to paint the full picture.

Also car is standard i was told when i bought it - but doesnt feel standard. Personally i think its been mapped at some point.

Thanks troops
Mines been puffing blue smoke for a year now (yes I know lol), had several people point to valve seals, car boosts and drives perfect, standard map and makes 15psi boost redline so know the turbos fine. Aslong as it drives fine dont worry but get ready for a new head or rebuild, im going large port but buying a house at minute so funds are low lol.
Hard to say at the moment Dave as i've just had the breather pipes replaced just under a month ago. It was p*ssing out the engine which is now sorted. Since then, i've checked it weekly and it seems ok, hasn't dropped very much if any at all.
Mine has a similar issue. I'm considering buying a turbo rebuild kit just to be sure as it's pretty inexpensive (about £45 all in on ebay). The only thing is I don't fancy the job myself and doubt anywhere local to me in Cardiff is much good. Also the Audi dealerships down here are a joke!

Yet another thing on my list to bug Badger 5 about when I get it there!
I don't think its the turbo on mine now tbh, time will tell is suppose. Na i wouldnt fancy that job either, have you checked how much to get the turbo reconditioned? OR.......Hybrid??? If mine goes, i'll get a hybrid i think. Sure someone will have done this........? Power gains?

Oil consumption looks to be within Audi's 'normal' consumption tolerance's - < 1/2 litre in 1k miles give or take.
Well, I'm not 100% sure either, just keep noticing a little whisp of smoke from time to time on start up/cold. But the guy I bought it off never really let it breathe and drove it pretty slowly everywhere, so I'm hoping that there could just be some kind of build up exhaust side that I'm slowly eating away at haha.

I just topped up my oil to the max mark so I'll keep my eye on it over the next month and see what happens.