Decent/worthwhile rear brake upgrade


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Feb 15, 2004
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Going to replace my rear discs and pads.I am using the 993tt discs and pads at the front which some say is a little biased.Was going to go for a uprated disc and pad and the rear,can anyone recommend one?There's loads available,tarox,ebc,red dot,black diamond and come in drilled/grooved?What works guys?
i'll give you my 2 pence, hps plus pads work well on the rear lot of grip, though i've heard ferrodo's are better. never liked ebc green stuff , not tried red though. i'm still using stock discs at the back and they're working fine , will be switching to ecs grooved. i've used grooved before with green stuff, can say they kept the kevlar pads from scaling up. preformance wise i can say 2 piece ecs grooved on front end do keep them cool at the front i'm not really getting brake fade with 6 pot callipers, not sure how much it would effect the rear

i wouldn't think that changing pad type or groove/drilled discs would at all alter bias, and as long as you have bigger brakes up front on the street bias should be ok, but i know what you mean i'm looking for something for the rear i'd like to relocate the parking brake and put on some 993 or boxster brakes like the mtm-s4 has

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